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Who Started When: Origins of I-O Related Companies Logan J. Michels, Courtney C. Gear, Daniel Sachau, Minnesota State University, Mankato Dick Olson Olson Consulting thereafter. This trend complements our previous findings that mergers and acqui- sitions grew during this period. Thus, the field is moving towards a smaller number of large firms, which may be influenced by the political climate and economic con- ditions. This makes us wonder if the rise of the large firms may put a damper on startup growth because it may be harder to compete with one-stop shops. A final observation is that the growth of I-O offer- ings in traditionally non-I-O firms may be due to the recognition of the value of I-O psychology. In our final installment of the Who Bought Who series (Who Bought Who, April 2015, and Who Bought Who II, July 2015), we take a look at the years in which today’s prominent I-O firms began. The histogram summarizes the historical trends of I-O firms listed in the SIOP member list as of fall 2014. We examined a combination of company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and SEC filings to determine start dates for each of the organizations. The number of I-O start-ups increased for decades and peaked between the years of 1985 to 2005, then began to decline Aptima A History of I‐O Start‐Ups: 1916‐2015 APTMetrics HRCatalyst Employment Tech. Fors Marsh 3D Group Infor Select Int. Shaker Consulting FMP DCI Consulting YSC Colarelli, Meyer & Assoc. IMPAQ Accenture PeopleAnswers Assess Systems SkillSurvey Scontrino-Powell Cambria Consulting Blankenship & Seay Org. Solutions Ramsay Corp. Corvitus C^2 Tech. PAN Biddle Consulting Olson Consulting Deloitte Denison Consulting Ampersand Leadership Lopez & Assoc. Sperduto & Assoc. Talent Plus EASI Consult People Advantage RHR Int. PI Worldwide Wilson Learning Sirota Consulting MDA Leadership Campion Services FurstPerson Findly Hay Group Humber, Mundie & McClary Westat SAP Right Mgmt. Metrus Human Perf. Systems OrgVitality RoundPegg AON Hewitt HumRRO Caliper CCL Data Recog. Corp. Group for O. E. Job Perf. Syst. Gallup Mercer IPAT ACT DDI SRA Hogan SWA Consulting Aldridge Group Plante Moran Towers Watson Wonderlic RAND Corp. RTI Int. ICF Int. Questar KPMG Dunnette & HirePayoff Cog. Perf. Group LIMRA Burke McKinsey AIR CPP Russell Reynolds Assoc. Stanard & Assoc. Mgmt. Psych. Group DeGarmo Leadership Effect 1916-1925 1926-1935 1936-1945 1946-1955 1956-1965 1966-1975 1976-1985 1986-1995 1996-2005 2006-2015 The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 131