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A Message From Your President

Eduardo Salas

Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to be your president. Indeed, this is a great honor and privilege! I never imagined this, not even in my wildest dreams. And with this honor comes tremendous responsibility—to represent and serve all of you. But I am up for the challenge, and with your input, energy, and help, we can continue this journey together. Together, we can move SIOP in a direction where we have impact in organizations and in our scientific circles, where we are valued by the public at large, where our diversity brings us closer and makes us stronger, where we are globally positioned to partner with many around the world, and where we make a difference in the workplace nationally and around the globe. These are challenging goals. Goals that can be accomplished by pressing on with this journey—and it is a journey—that was started and chartered by many before me, 28 or so years ago. I do believe SIOP is stronger than ever, thanks to the leadership of the presidents who came before me. We owe many thanks to them!

It is truly remarkable what we, as a science and as a practice, have become. Reflect on it; you’ll be amazed. However, a long time ago I learned that success demands more. And more we need to do. There is always room for improvement, room to continue to progress toward our goals. So, the journey must continue with our goals in mind.

As I briefly take the stewardship of this journey, I want to first celebrate who we are and what we represent. So, the theme for my term is celebrating our science and our practice. I hope that the initiatives, actions, policies, and procedures we put in place or undertake are guided by this theme. A theme that tells us the scientist–practitioner model is alive and well (or should be; I am a big believer in this model!). A theme that tells us we value both our science and our practice. Both have a place. Both need to be respected even with their different goals and rewards. Both matter to me. Both should matter to all of you, regardless of your professional affiliation. This journey will not be complete (I think) nor successful if we continue on a path of thinking of our field as science versus practice. It is in our best interest to put an end to this thinking. I hope we engage in all the necessary conversations needed to begin a new era of thinking of ourselves as I-O psychologists, period. This might be naïve on my part, but try I will, with your concurrence, patience, and willingness.

So, I hope all of you join me as we continue this journey of celebrating and valuing that we are I-O psychologists…and having fun along the way! Stay tuned for more details and a few initiatives (and of course, your input and suggestions are welcomed) to pursue these goals.

I am well aware that I am inheriting a “well-oiled machine” of volunteers and a superb administrative staff. Thanks to Kurt Kraiger—my friend and collaborator—for making this transition go so smoothly. Thanks for your service and what you have done for SIOP! Finally, I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for Gary Latham. He encouraged me. He guided me. He mentored me (and continues to do so). Thanks Gary! Thanks for your love for SIOP! And thanks to all of you for the opportunity to serve you…On we go…