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You Can Now Customize Books in the Practice Series to Suit Your Needs

Allen I. Kraut
Series Editor, SIOP Professional Practice Series

Imagine putting together your own collection of the best chapters from different I-O books to use in your course or workshop!  Well, a customized package of chapters from the best recent I-O psychology books can now be served up just “the way you like it.”

This new way to pick exactly what you want for your students or clients, and create your own book with its unique title and cover, is now possible for all I-O books published by Jossey-Bass and Wiley. The publishers were encouraged by SIOP’s Executive Officer, David Nershi, and the SIOP Professional Practice Series Editorial Board to do this as a benefit to SIOP members.

The result is found at http://customselect.wiley.com/collection/iopsych.  Going to this website gives you direct access to a few dozen recent books of high interest to the I-O and HRM communities.  From there it is your own choice of what you want in your collection.  (As part of the changes, these books are now available as e-books too.)

Let’s say you are one of the thousands who bought two recent books on talent management from the Practice Series and love having them as a resource in your personal library.  So now you want to use parts of them for a seminar or workshop. Suppose these books are Strategic Talent Management, edited by Rob Silzer and Ben Dowell and Handbook of Workplace Assessment, edited by John Scott and Doug Reynolds.  At 800+ pages and 24 chapters each, they are a “bargain of the century” and are invaluable references.

Three Steps to Success

Faced with a course or workshop on these topics, you can pick just the chapters you really want for your particular audience.  If you have a special view of talent management or want to focus on one aspect of it, you might even add chapters from other books in the series, like Technology-Enhanced Assessment, edited by Nancy Tippins and Seymour Adler, or Advancing Executive Coaching, edited by Gina Hernez-Broome and Lisa Boyce.

Before choosing the format you want, you can personalize your collection by adding any personal or institutional content or any other content for which you have copyright permission.  You can also put these materials in any order you want, to follow your syllabus or workshop plan.

Finally, you can select or compose your own cover and title for the collection, listing your name and/or organization.  And then choose if you want it printed on paper or in e-book format.

The available books cover a wide range of topics that I-O and HRM faculty and practitioners work in, including performance management, e-HR, training and development, safety and health, and employee surveys.  Case studies in these areas supplement the chapters describing current best practices. The books one can choose from also include volumes in the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series.

At the last Editorial Board meeting at the San Diego SIOP conference, Jossey-Bass representatives presented these concepts to an enthusiastic reception.  Lots of questions were raised, as with any innovation, but with great hopes for these new forms of sharing our knowledge and practice.  Both electronic dissemination and the chance to customize our publications for a particular audience or a focused viewpoint holds out much promise for SIOP members.

Trying out the website is fairly easy.  Only by using it will you know how much it can do and how to best use it. Again, the website to go to is:  http://customselect.wiley.com/collection/iopsych. 

This will show you the titles available for customizing and will display the chapters to choose from.  The Professional Practices Editorial Board is eager to hear about your feelings and experiences with this new approach.  Please send your comments to me at Allen.Kraut@baruch.cuny.edu.