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Change in Submission and Closing Dates for Applications for SIOP Foundation Funding Opportunities

Leaetta Hough
Chair, Awards Committee

Applications for SIOP Foundation research and scholarship funding programs will be accepted beginning in late July 2012 and end October 15, 2012.

Active SIOP members will receive an e-mail announcing the online acceptance of applications. The following opportunities will be available:

Small Grant Program. This program, supported by earnings from gifts to the Advancement Fund, provides funding for SIOP members in support of research-related activities that are of interest to both academicians and practitioners. The maximum size for any one grant is $7,500.

Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard Research Grant. This research grant provides biennial funding, of up to $10,000, designed to support research on assessment center methods as well as research into the development of managers and leaders. The grant may focus on the assessment method, the content area of interest, or preferably both.

Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Fellowship in I-O Psychology. The Joyce and Thayer Fellowship is designed to provide financial support to a doctoral student in I-O psychology who is specializing in training and development and/or selection and placement. The fellowship provides an annual award of $10,000. Eligible recipients may reapply for a second year of funding.

Graduate Student Scholarships (GSS). This fund provides scholarships to graduate students in I-O or related field to assist students with the costs of carrying out their dissertation work. The top rated application will receive the Lee Hakel Scholarship designation which comes with a $3,500 award. Two additional scholarships will each be awarded $3,000.

NEW THIS YEAR: George C. Thornton III Graduate Scholarship. The Thornton Scholarship was created by friends and colleagues in his honor to acknowledge doctoral students in I-O psychology who epitomize the scientist–practitioner model in his or her training, research, and practicum experiences. This scholarship comes with a $3,000 award.

Look for these funding opportunities next year:

Sidney A. Fine Grant for Research on Job Analysis. Supports research that will further the usefulness of analytic strategies to study jobs, especially as to the nature of job content and organizational structures in which work is performed.

Mary L. Tenopyr Graduate Student Scholarship. In honor of a SIOP legend, a biennial scholarship is awarded that promotes education in industrial and organizational psychology.

Additional information regarding program focus, eligibility criteria, and submission guidelines for each of these programs can be found at www.siop.org/foundation/information.aspx. Fund recipients will be announced at the 28th SIOP Annual Conference in 2013 in Houston.