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Happy Birthday! In June 1964, the first issue of The Industrial- Organizational Psychologist (TIP, then known as The In- dustrial Psychologist) was published; thus this issue of TIP marks the 50 th birthday of the newsletter. TIP has been published every year since 1964, progressing from an entirely text-based, 14-page paper newsletter to 208- page (in April 2014) digital publication with photos and links to videos. The first issue began with a note from President S. Rains Wallace (1964), who noted that the newsletter had “been a gleam in the eyes of many of the members for some years” (p. 3). Wallace indicated that one goal of launching TIP was to keep members of Divi- sion 14 (as our organization was known in 1964) in- formed about the activities of the division, its commit- tees, and its membership. In his editorial, Perloff (1964a) mentioned that the goal of TIP was not to compete with other technical publications in the field but rather to focus on the profession itself including announcements of employment changes, in-progress research, new in- struments and techniques, and other items of general interest to SIOP members. Jeffrey M. Cucina U.S. Customs and Border Protection The first issue of TIP also included a number of articles on issues that are still relevant today. It included a copy of the Executive Board minutes, which high- lighted discussions about the invasion of privacy within society, adverse impact, and “a possible trend of in- dustrial psychology away from the liberal arts school to the business administration school” (p. 7). In addi- tion, Glasner (1964) wrote about the distinction be- tween internal and external consulting. In the second issue of TIP, Perloff (1964b) announced the establishment of regional editors for TIP who solic- ited and reported activities of industrial psychologists 110 July 2014 Volume 52 Issue 1