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Collaborative spirit- Valuing and welcoming the chance to work with others Multidisciplinary mindset- Working effectively and inexorably with other disciplines Wide-open thinking- Remaining open to any and all ideas as poten- tial sources of valuable insight Acquiesce- Understanding that our agenda and mindset may not always come first Sense of urgency- Championing the ability to drive research that can keep up with the pace of change Embracing technology- Prospecting for and incorporating the latest technologies from outside our field Humanism- Valuing people and the human experience above all else and seeking to understand how to better the lives of all humans 132 Collectivism- Understanding the in- terdependence of every human be- ing and valuing the information that can be gained via the interactions of humans with one another I view this model as a simple sketch that is open source. It is a starting point for the generation of discussion and ideas among all who care to comment. As with all competency models, regardless of the labels we use, there is a common underlying truth. In this case the truth is that although we cannot discard our roots, we had better start growing some new branches. July 2014 Volume 52 Issue 1