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Conferences and Meetings Please submit additional entries to Marianna Horn at August 2–7 Annual Convention of the American S June 5–7 tatistical Association. Boston, MA. Annual Conference of the Canadian Contact: ASA, Society for Industrial and Organizational (CE credit offered.) Psychology. Vancouver, BC. Contact: CSIOP, August 7–10 Annual Convention of the American June 22–25 Psychological Association. Annual Conference of the Society for Washington, DC. Contact: APA, Human Resource Management. (CE credit offered.) Orlando, FL. Contact: SHRM, (CE credit offered.) Oct 13–19 Annual Conference of the American July 8–13 Evaluation Association. Denver, CO. International Conference on Applied Contact: AEA, Psychology. Paris, France. Contact: ICAP, Oct 17–18 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium. Chicago, July 21–23 IL. Contact: Annual Conference of the International (CE credit offered.) Personnel Assessment Council. Denver, CO. Contact: IPAC, Oct 24–25 River Cities I-O Psychology Conference. July 30–31 Chattanooga, TN. Contact: E-HRM Conference. New York, NY. Contact: E-HRM, Oct 27–31 2014 August 1–5 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Philadelphia, PA. Contact: Academy of Management, The Industrial Organizational Psychologist Annual Conference of the International Military Testing Association. Hamburg, Germany. Contact: 219