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SIOP Preconference Workshops: Academics Need to Attend These! I love all things SIOP. Because of this, I'm always happy to engage in service activities that benefit SIOP and its members. Whereas I often lament my pervasive inabil- ity to turn down requests for my time and attention in other areas of my professional life, I don't seem to have any qualms about accepting requests as they re- late to SIOP. In fact, I frequently find myself actively seeking ways to become even more involved. Quite simply, I love SIOP. As I've mentioned in previous columns, I was the stu- dent volunteer coordinator for the conference for 2 years before Adam Hilliard took over the reins. With the students in his capable hands, I was on the prowl for a new service opportunity. As luck would have it, the SIOP Continuing Education and Workshop Commit- tee had a few spots open. This particular committee, I was told, is responsible for planning, coordinating, and ensuring the high quality of SIOP preconference work- shops. Sounds good, I thought. Sign me up. Satoris S. Culbertson Kansas State University I attended the workshop planning meeting while in Hawaii, not quite sure of what I'd really be doing but excited to be taking on a new role. I quickly learned that, as a member of the committee, I would be help- ing to coordinate a workshop at the 2015 SIOP confer- ence in Philadelphia, working with presenters to as- sure the success of the session. Although the 2014 workshops had not yet taken place (they would occur the following day), we were planning possible work- shops for the following year—and they were going to be the best yet (I think that's probably always said, but I am embracing this sentiment as being true because I'm on the committee). The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 63