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Foundation Spotlight: Announcing the Thornton Scholarship

Milton D. Hakel
SIOP Foundation President

I am delighted to announce that a new graduate student scholarship has been endowed to honor George C. Thornton III. It will go to an advanced graduate student who exemplifies the scientist–practitioner model. The $3,000 Thornton Scholarship is to be given by SIOP for the first time in 2013.

George Thornton is most widely known for his research and consulting on the assessment center method, a technology that in the best scientist–practitioner tradition combines abstract conceptualization with critical analysis of the best available observations. Thornton received the Distinguished Professional Contributions Award in 2002 in recognition for his contributions to practice, theory, and research in industrial and organizational psychology.

How did the Thornton Scholarship come to be?  It was created by friends and colleagues in his honor to acknowledge doctoral students in I-O psychology who epitomize the scientist–practitioner model in training, research, and practicum experiences.  Zinta Bryne with a strong assist from Mort McPhail provided the leadership to create this new endowment in the SIOP Foundation.  They took advantage of a path the SIOP Foundation offers for creating endowments: They established an Incubator or Emerging Issues Fund, with the goal to raise the needed endowment within 5 years.  You too can follow this path to honor a friend or mentor; see http://www.siop.org/Foundation/gifts.aspx for details.

Giving is never easy, and the generosity of 20 donors in establishing this endowment is an outstanding example of the power of a shared commitment for each of us. There will never be a better time than now to contribute some of your time and money, and in this age of social networking, recruit your friends to do something special and enduring. The SIOP Foundation would like to be among your beneficiaries. Seize the moment. Help to encourage excellence and innovation for the future of I-O psychology.  Contribute at http://www.siop.org/Foundation/donate.aspx.  

Planning is a key.  Set your plans and act on them. Zinta Byrne and Mort McPhail did, and you can too. Your calls and questions to the SIOP Foundation are welcome. Join us in building for the future. 

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