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SIOP 2013 Preconference Workshops

Liberty J. Munson
Microsoft Corporation

Save the date! Wednesday, April 10, 2013, is the date for the SIOP preconference workshops at the beautiful Hilton Americas in Houston. The Workshop Committee has identified a diverse selection of innovative and timely topics to offer this year as well as a spectacular set of experts to lead these workshops. The lineup includes:

Broadening the Basis for Validation Evidence: Alternative Strategies and Their Implications. S. Morton McPhail, CEB Valtera; Calvin C. Hoffman, LA County Sheriff’s Department; Damian J. Stelly, CEB Valtera. Coordinator: Ryan O’Leary, PDRI

Assessing the Legal Risks of Your Assessments. R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr., Ashe, Rafuse & Hill, LLP; Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, APTMetrics. Coordinator: Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

Retooling Performance Management: Science, Practice, and Art. Seymour Adler, Aon Hewitt; Miriam Ort, PepsiCo. Coordinator: Darin Wiechmann, Bank of America

Integrated Talent Management: Methods for Integrating Talent Management Initiatives to Drive Organizational Performance. Mike Dolen, Kenexa; Leslie Joyce, Novelis. Coordinator: John Howes, Kenexa

Building a Coaching Culture Through Strategic Choices. Doug Riddle, Center for Creative Leadership; Chris Pollino, Genentech. Coordinator: Aarti Shyamsunder, Catalyst

Organizational Climate and Culture: Manifestations, Measurement, and Management. Benjamin Schneider, CEB Valtera; Mark G. Ehrhart, San Diego State University. Coordinator: Rob Michel, Edison Electric Institute

Viewing Linkage Research Through the Lenses of Current Practice and Cutting-Edge Advances. Robert E. Gibby, Procter & Gamble; Rodney A. McCloy, HumRRO; Dan Putka, HumRRO. Coordinator: Emily Solberg, CEB Valtera

I-O and IT—Together in Perfect Harmony: Best Practices When Collaborating With IT Teams. Kevin Impelman, Kenexa; Nathan Mondragon, Oracle; Tami J. Licht, Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI). Coordinator: Jerilyn Hayward, ServiceMaster

Building a Compelling Brand: Guidebook for I-Os. Wayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado, Denver; Cristina G. Banks, Lamorinda Consulting, LLC. Coordinator: Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University

The I-O Leap: Transitioning Into—and Succeeding in—Business. Rick Guzzo, Mercer; Alexis Fink, Microsoft Corporation. Coordinator: Leanne Bennett, JP Morgan

What’s All the Buzz About? The Most Impactful I-O Research Developments of the Last Five Years. Paul R. Sackett, The University of Minnesota; Nancy T. Tippins, CEB Valtera. Coordinator: Christina Norris-Watts, Macquarie Group Limited

We are also planning one final workshop focused on psychometrics, tentatively titled “Psychometrics for the Rest of Us:Common Measurement Questions and Practical Answers.” The details of this workshop are still being finalized. Please keep an eye out for more information about this workshop in future SIOP announcements and TIP articles!

You do not want to miss the 2013 workshops! Not only will you learn new skills and grow professionally, you will also have the opportunity to network with recognized experts in these content areas as well as other prominent professionals in our field who will be attending workshops with you.

Look for the detailed workshop descriptions and presenters’ biographical sketches in the preconference announcement and on the SIOP Web site  when registration opens!

The 2012–2013 Workshop Committee consists of:

  • Leanne Bennett
  • Jerilyn Hayward
  • Laura Heaton
  • John Howes
  • Ted Kinney
  • Rob Michel
  • Lorin Mueller
  • Christina Norris-Watts
  • Ryan O’Leary
  • Aarti Shyamsunder
  • Emily Solberg
  • Darin Wiechmann
  • Paul Yost