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Welcome to SIOPs FYI on Workplace Topics

FYI on Workplace Topics is designed to provide accurate and objective information and guidance about workplace issues and practices. Much of the information presented in FYI is based on decades of research in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.

FYI on Workplace Topics is made available on the understanding that the authors and SIOP are NOT thereby endorsing, offering, or rendering professional advice or services related to specific workplace situations. Although I-O psychologists prepared this information, it should not be used as a substitute for professional services and advice in specific work situations.

If assistance is needed in developing or implementing a practice discussed here, please contact an industrial and organizational psychologist, who is extensively trained in these areas. To locate I-O psychologists, contact the psychology or business departments of a college or university near you. You can also check out SIOPs Consultant Locator System at my.siop.org/cls.

FYI on Workplace Topics is updated periodically. Visit this site (www.siop.org) regularly for information on new topics and new articles within existing topics. FYI on Workplace Topics does NOT provide complete or comprehensive information on any topic. These resources are intended as a starting point for individuals and organizations that have a need to know more about workplace issues and topics.

Topic 1: Employment Testing

Topic 2: Coaching

Topic 3: Top 10 Workplace Trends (2016) (2015)