Teaching Tools - Organized by Topic

Below is a list of resources available on this site.  The information is organized according to the Recommended Areas of Competence suggested by the Guidelines for Education and Training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology:

Education and Training Guidelines (PDF) 

Please note: some activities below are repeated if they fit multiple categories.

General Knowledge and Skills

Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • Introduction to the Field
    • Accessible overview of "I" and "O" as well as topics in the field.
    • Author: Eunae Cho
  • Introduction to the Field
    • Uses the film Office Space to introduce learners to the basics of I-O.
    • Author: Joe Mazzola
  • Icebreaker
    • An engaging icebreaker for the first day of class.
    • Author: Peter Bachiochi
  • Icebreaker
    • Handshakes icebreaker for the first day of class.
    • Author: Brian Kim

Ethical, Legal, Diversity, and International Issues

  • 1943 Hiring Guide
    • Exercise examining EEOC protections and I-O history.
    • Author: Wendi Everton
  • EEOC Scenario Q&As
    • Scenarios developed by the EEOC that can be discussed in class.
    • Author: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Diversity Scenarios
    • Diversity scenarios that can be discussed in class.
    • Author: C. Bulger
  • Diversity Scenario Role-Playing
    • Teaching of Psychology article about role-playing diversity scenarios.
    • Author: S. Plous
  • Understanding Prejudice Teacher's Corner
    • Links to teaching ideas, materials, and resources.
    • Author: www.understandingprejudice.org
  • Social Justice and Diversity
    • Presentation on infusing social justice and diversity into I-O classrooms.
    • Author: Ali O’Malley

History and Systems of Psychology

  • 1943 Hiring Guide
    • Exercise examining EEOC protections and I-O history.
    • Author: Wendi Everton

Statistical Methods/Data Analysis

  • Reliability and Validity Activity
    • Exercise to discuss reliability as well as construct and external validity.
    • Author: Mike Horvath
  • Dataset Generator
    • Online tool to generate datasets for in-class testing of statistical skills.
    • Author: Richard Landers
  • Scatterplot Generator
    • Online tool to generate and display a scatterplot of correlations.
    • Author: Richard Landers

Core Content

Career Development

Criterion Theory and Development

Groups and Teams

Individual Differences

  • International Personality Item Pool
    • Free online resource of multiple measures of individual differences.
    • Author: www.ipip.ori.org
    • Personality Questionnaire
    • Questionnaire (developed from IPIP items) plus syntax for analysis.
    • Author: Julie Lyon

Job/Task/Work Analysis/Competency Modeling and Classification

Judgment and Decision-Making

Leadership and Management

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Work Stress
    • Exercise to discuss work stress.
    • Author: C. Prehar

Performance Appraisal/Management

Personnel Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

  • Interviewing Movie Clips
    • Suggestions for clips of movies to demonstrate interviewing.
    • Author: pulled from the HR-DIV list

Training: Theory, Delivery, Program Design, and Evaluation

  • Training Activity
    • Exercise used to illustrate training concepts.
    • Author: Doug Maynard

Work Motivation

Related Areas of Competence

Human Factors

  • Bad Designs
    • Using the BadDesigns website to demonstrate good design.
    • Author: Peter Bachiochi