Award Criteria

Organizations should provide supporting documentation that demonstrates how the practice or initiative being submitted for this award results in tangible benefits to the organization.  The practice or initiative should be currently in use or have been in use within the past 5 years.  The use of evidence-based human resource management techniques is highly relevant. 

The HRM Impact Award Review Committee, chaired by Dr. William Schiemann, will review all applications. The organizations selected to receive an HRM Impact Award will be announced at a SIOP event and a SHRM event. The HRM Impact Award Review Committee will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:  


  1. Financial or operational impact on the business or enterprise.
  2. People impact on employees and teams.
  3. Scientific impact on the research and practice of HR, industrial-organizational psychology, and/or management.
  4. Quality of evidence in support of the financial, people, and scientific impacts.

Suggestions for describing or documenting the evidence include the following:

  • Financial or operational impact – productivity, profitability, revenue, sales, market share, or community outcomes.
  • People impact – satisfaction, turnover, number of complaints, etc.
  • Scientific impact – extent initiative can be replicated in other organizations and extent of the innovative or “game-changing” nature on the practice of HR, management, and industrial-organizational psychology as a result of the initiative.
  • Quality of evidence – evidence supporting the practice is relevant, comes from multiple sources (e.g., internal data, industry/business data, scientific data, etc.), and represents different types of evidence (e.g., objective, subjective, etc.) 

HRM Impact Award Review Committee

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of volunteer judges including both academics and HR practitioners from the four sponsoring organizations, SHRM, SIOP, the SHRM Foundation and the SIOP Foundation.