Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in applying for the HRM Impact Award. To begin the process, download the PDF application below. Please be advised that there is no fee to apply for this award. The application form is an interactive PDF designed to be saved to your computer as you gather the required documentation and fill out each section. Please note: if you encounter a problem saving the information you’ve entered into the form, please use a different version of Adobe Reader. (In our experience, Adobe Reader X does not supp ort saving text.) 

Once you have completed the application form, please return to this page and select the Submit Application button below. You will first need to register your organization and then upload the completed PDF application. Please note that the contact person on the application form can be different from the person who registers your organization and submits the application, however only the person who registers and submits the application will receive the confirmation email that the application has been received as well as the notice of the outcome of the application. 


Submission Timeline

February 1: Program opens to accept applications

April 30: Deadline to submit application is midnight ET

Mid-August: Applicants notified of outcome

Early October: Award Recipients announced

October/November: Award presented at SIOP’s LEC and/or SHRM’s Volunteer Leader event.

Submission Requirements

The application has limited space so we encourage applicants to provide a brief synopsis (no more than 2 pages or 6,000 characters including spaces) in each section. If you have supporting documentation that you would like to include, we suggest that you enter it  either in box 7 ( text) or box 8 (links)as a link.

Submissions must contain the following:

  1. Complete organization name and contact information.
  2. Overview of the organization and its business or mission. 
  3. The business challenges being addressed.
  4. The specific HRM practice or initiative being submitted for consideration and how it was developed and implemented.  Include the time frame and location of development or implementation of practice or initiative, which should be within the past 5 years.
  5. Evidentiary basis for this initiative or practice; e.g. theoretical framework, research studies, methodology for developing the practice, etc.
  6. Evidence regarding the success and magnitude of the impact the practice or initiative has had on a) finances/operations, b) people, and c) science.
  7. Please provide any additional information that you feel is relevant to this practice or initiative.
  8. Please provide relevant web links in this section. 

If your organization receives the award, you agree to share enough information about the evidence-based practice or initiative that will allow it to be replicated by other organizations. The information can be shared in one of a variety of formats that include the HR Magazine, TIP, webinars, or other venues. 

There is no cost to apply for the HRM Impact Award. 

Please be advised that this practice or initiative may only be submitted for consideration once; unless you are invited by the HRM Impact Award Committee to re-submit.



Call for 2017 HRMIA Applications will open in early February.

Please send your questions to Linda Lentz of the SIOP Foundation at llentz@siop.org.