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Volume 55     Number 2    October 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

Meredith Turner
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Calling Potential Contributors to “The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice”!

Mark L. Poteet, Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc., Craig Wallace, Oklahoma State University; and Lynda Zugec, The Workforce Consultants

As outlined in Poteet, Zugec, and Wallace (2016), the TIP Editorial Board and Professional Practice Committee continue to invite potential contributors to contact us directly. If you are interested in submitting to "The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice" column, please contact either Lynda ( or Craig at (

"The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice" column features a variety of different types of articles. Possible types of contributions include:

  • A question and answer written dialogue between an academic and a practitioner highlighting, for example, what is happening in academia that could be put into practice and what is happening in practice that could be further investigated with more research
  • A case study highlighting the effective practice of science. For example, a recent practice-based issue provided by a practitioner, highlighting evidence-based solutions that were utilized, the impact or implications of those solutions, and potential recommendations or requests for more research
  • A review of a key topic/area of interest to I-O psychology (e.g., employee engagement), presented from both the practitioner and academic perspectives, highlighting areas where science and practice converge and diverge and pointing to possible areas for further research or practice
  • A description of a difficult challenge faced by a practitioner with a request for assistance, followed by a summary of scientific, evidence-based solutions that could be used for the challenge, provided by an academic or researcher
  • A summary of the latest, cutting edge research findings, followed by a description of how those findings can be implemented in practice generated by both academics and practitioners
  • A list of emerging trends, issues, and challenges being experienced by practitioners (e.g., top five requests of clients), accompanied with specific research questions or agendas that could be pursued to address such trends and issues

You can access previous versions of "The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice" within previous editions of TIP or through here:

If you need anything additional, please let us know!

Mark, Craig, and Lynda

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