The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology hosts a number of informational, educational, and networking events throughout the year. This calendar provides an at-a-glance listing with links to more information. If you have questions about an event that are not answered in the event details, and if the event details do not include contact information, please email with your questions.


Pro Tips:

  • In most listings, hovering over the event title will bring up a quick link that will take you directly to event and registration details. In a small number of listings, you may need to click on the event title for more information.
  • The list view will show the next 10 SIOP events. To see more, click the calendar icon with a "31" and scroll through the coming months.
  • We recommend bookmarking this calendar for quick access to SIOP events. This is especially helpful for events that are currently listed as save-the-date entries. More information will be added as soon as it is available.