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PCI Human Resource Consulting, Inc.

Job Summary


PCI Human Resource Consulting, Inc.


Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Education Level


Work Experience

5-10 Years



Job Category

Industry, Gov., Consulting

Full-Time Pittsburgh-Based Assessor

About the Organization

Who are we?  Since its founding in 1957, PCI has provided quality professional, managerial, and executive evaluations to regional, national, and international organizations. PCI works with managers and executives to help make key hiring, promotion, and succession planning decisions. PCI is proud to have maintained long-term relationships with its clients as a trusted business advisor for nearly 50 years.  In the current decade, PCI has leveraged technology to provide in-depth assessment services remotely to its clients and has conducted such assessments in virtually every major region throughout the world via Internet and telephone technology.

About the Job

Who are we looking for?  We are seeking to hire an experienced local professional who is interested in working as a full-time assessor.  To truly enjoy and be effective in this position, you need to have a deep interest in understanding people and the ability to translate those insights into practical implications that can be used by our clients to make good hiring decisions.  Openness to feedback and a willingness to learn the PCI process and adhere to reporting standards is essential.  Interest in working in a collaborative environment, which includes receiving training and coaching from peers, is required.


What exactly would I be doing? The process includes interviewing candidates that have been prescreened by our clients, interpreting results of an online test battery, integrating interview and test data, drafting completely custom narrative reports (typically 3-5 pages in length), and editing those reports to ensure accuracy.  This position also includes frequent interaction with peer assessors, as well as hiring managers. 

Job Requirements

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Masters or PhD in psychology (clinical, counseling, or I/O preferred)
  • At least 5 years of experience conducting individual assessments (i.e., cognitive, personality and motivational testing)
  • Deep understanding of how to interpret and integrate standardized psychological tests
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and experience interviewing
  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to “tell a story” based on objective data
  • Ability to commit to meeting strict deadlines for report submission 

Application Instructions

Interested parties should send a cover letter and resume to:

Crystal Fyala (crystal.fyala@pci-hrconsulting.com)
PCI Human Resource Consulting, Inc.
1000 Gamma Drive
Suite 204
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone:  412/967-1130
Fax:      412/967-9199