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SIOP Privacy Policy

SIOP is committed to protecting the privacy of its members.  The information in this privacy statement will explain how we protect, collect, and share your personal information. Our information collection and sharing practices apply to the following categories of membership:  Fellows, Members, Associates, International Affiliates, Retirees, Student Affiliates, and non-member event participants.

 Information collection

The information that we collect enables us to communicate effectively with you and allows us to help you communicate with each other.  We use it to keep your membership record current and to provide services to you.

We collect information from applications and other forms you submit, either by mail or electronically, such as your name, address, phone, employment, interest areas, and so forth.  We may also receive updated address information from APA or the U.S. Post Office.  To ensure data quality, we may contact you to update any information that we believe is no longer current.  We encourage you to regularly update your information during dues renewal, or at any time by using our online change of address form at www.siop.org, or by contacting the Administrative Office by phone at (419) 353-0032 or by e-mail at siop@siop.org

 Information sharing

We may disclose your personal information in the following ways:

  1. To service providers who assist us with the mailing of our materials
  2. At your requested disclosure (for example, JobNet)
  3. To facilitate communication and collaboration (for example, the membership directory, unless you have opted out)
  4. To third parties such as the media in order to promote the visibility of I-O psychology (unless you have opted outsee below)
  5. To third parties whose products we believe will be of interest to you (unless you have opted out)
  6. To members of the general public who are looking for expertise in a specific area

 Information security

Your personal information is stored in a physically secure location and is only accessed by authorized staff.  Regarding online business, we employ certain safeguards including passwords and secure Web pages (unless it is clearly noted that the page is not secure).  Also, our Web site does not collect information from or track its visitors.  We only record the number of people that visit the various pages on our Web site, so that we can use this information to better assess your needs and preferences.  We do not give out member information for purposes that are primarily social and we do not publish the membership directory publicly.

 Your right to opt-out

You have the right to opt out of information sharing described in #3-5 above.  Every dues renewal form contains a place for you to omit your name from mailing lists (excluding lists for SIOP mailings) and to omit your e-mail address from appearing on the SIOP Web site.  To opt out at any time, notify the Administrative Office by phone at (419) 353-0032 or by e-mail at siop@siop.org.