SIOP Grant Profiles


Each year, the SIOP Foundation presents deserving industrial-organizational psychologists with grants to help them in their educational and professional pursuits. These grants provided individuals the financial support they need to conduct research and contribute to the I-O community in many other ways.

There are several SIOP grants:

  • Small Grant Program provides funding for academic-practictioner research.
  • The Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard Grant is designed to support research on assessment center methods as well as research into the development of managers and leaders.
  • Sidney A. Fine Research Grant provides funding for research on analytic strategies to study jobs.

Below is a sampling of some of the individuals who have received and benefited from SIOP grants. Read their stories to find out how much these grants have helped advance research in I-O psychology  and how valuable an asset they are to the SIOP Foundation. Be sure to check back to this page as more profiles and stories are added! 

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Lisa Finkelsein:

 She, along with Kurt Kraiger and Jerry Wittmer, won a 2008 SIOP Foundation Grant for “Organizational and Process Influences on the Effectiveness of Formal Mentoring Programs.”

“Receiving the award was an enormous honor. It not only enabled us to do the best project that we could do, but it gave a great deal of credibility to the project in the eyes of our contacts at the state. It was also seen very favorably in my department at Northern Illinois University; grant support is, of course, highly respected.  I-O psychologists are sometimes at a relative disadvantage to other disciplines within psychology departments in finding appropriate funding sources, and this SIOP Foundation Grant Program helps to close that gap."




Nathan A. Bowling 

Received a 2008 Grant for “Organizational Commitment and Job Performance: Is the Relationship Spurious?”

“The award covered costs associated with data collection and paid for statistical software used in the analyses.  The SIOP Foundation Grant has enabled me to continue to pursue my research on job attitudes. The project that was funded by the grant has allowed my research to move in new directions. I am very grateful for the opportunities that the grant has allowed! So far, this research has resulted in a conference presentation and a journal submission.” 




Jinyan Fan

Won a small grant in 2007 for his research proposal “Testing the Efficacy of a New Procedure in Reducing Faking in Personality Tests in Selection Contexts.”

“My impression of the SIOP Foundation is definitely very good. We as I-O psychologists need resources to do good research, and the SIOP Foundation is an important channel through which people like me can get the support....For junior faculty or researchers like me at a non-research oriented school that doesn’t offer much research support, that was a big help.”




Deniz Ones

 Awarded a small grant in 2009 (with team members Stephan Dilchert and Andy Biga) for Development of a Taxonomy for Green Behaviors at Work.

“We are a diverse team of scholars and science-oriented practitioners. Our research attained a level of depth and breadth that would not have been possible without the SIOP award.  Our joint work has also tremendously impacted our students....We are all grateful to the SIOP Foundation for enabling us to start this collaboration.”




Steffanie Wilk and Nancy Rothbard

 Awarded a small grant in 2004 for their research into mood, worker performance, and productivitiy in call centers.

"...The organizational data came in several forms including hours of taped calls between service providers and customers.  In order to code all of the calls—over 1,000 of them—we needed to hire and train coders.  The SIOP grant money allowed us to do that.  But beyond helping us practically, the award was a great source of validation that our work had value and interest in the broader academic community...I have encouraged students and others to apply for grants because of the great experience I had with it."




Deborah Rupp, Alyssa Mitchel Gibbons, San E Woo, Myungjoon Kim, and Lore Anderson Snyder

Deborah Rupp, Alyssa Mitchell Gibbons, San E. Woo, Myungjoon Kim, and Lori Anderson Snyder: Awarded in 2005 for their project Validity Evidence for Developmental Assessment Centers. 

“Winning the Bray Howard grant was an honor, because it supported work that directly stemmed from the legacy of research Bray and Howard created. We used the funds to support an operational developmental assessment center for managers and executives in Champaign, Illinois and Seoul, South Korea.The Psychologist-Manager Journal dedicated a special issue to the papers stemming from this research...The Foundation really does support the advancement of science and practice!”
-Deborah Rupp