Praxis Bulletin #1

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Lately the Trustees have been thinking about how to work smarter within the SIOP Foundation in particular and the world of SIOP and I-O praxis in general. Praxis is the key, and it is what makes I-O unique: we value theory and practice equally without giving greater status to either.

“Praxis” is a fine description of what I-Os do. Implicit in the conjunction of theory and practice is continuing examination of outcomes – does what we do actually work? What does evidence show about the extent to which intended outcomes are achieved? Are there additional and desired collateral outcomes? Are there unwanted side-effects? What are the lessons of experience?

To date, the Foundation has been mostly content to trust the “smiles test”, but we have now embarked on a much more articulated evaluation. A student-led team at Middle Tennessee State University on April 20 , 2021, briefed the Foundation Trustees via Zoom about their findings from a 10-week investigation of the impact of graduate student scholarships on both individual achievement and also the advancement of SIOP and I-O psychology. Read or download the accompanying full report.


The MTSU team set a high precedent in this pioneering evaluation. The SIOP Foundation will be requesting subsequent projects to examine the impact of awards and grants, as well as additional exploration of the impact of scholarships. In the spirit of learning from experience and after-action reviews, we look forward to discussions of what has gone well and what might be done differently going forward.