Leading Edge Consortium 2021

Just 11 Opportunities to Stand Out...

► Only 3 Premium Sponsors

► Only 7 Gold Sponsors

► Only 1 Workshop Partner

Each type of sponsorship receives all the benefits listed on the General Benefits section, plus additional benefits that are exclusive to their sponsorship.

Workshop Sponsor (1)  SOLD

The Workshop Sponsor will receive all of the benefits listed on the  general benefits section, plus the following exclusive benefits:

  • recognition on the 2021 LEC workshop home page (exclusive).
  • recognition on the 2021 LEC workshop powerpoint scrolling slides (exclusive).
  • logo recognition, one (1) PDF handout and a three-minute video (produced by the sponsor) on the private 2021 LEC workshop resource web page, where the slides and handouts from each workshop will be available to all workshop attendees (exclusive).
  • one (1) complimentary registration to three different workshops of the sponsor’s choice. this offer is for a total of three (3) complimentary workshop registrations total. it can be used for one person to attend all three workshops or three different people attending one workshop each. it cannot be used for two or three sponsor representatives to attend one workshop (exclusive). note that the sponsor is allowed to purchase additional workshop seats, if desired.
  • three (3) complimentary 2021 LEC registrations, which will provide access to all educational sessions after the workshops (does not include additional workshop registrations or special events that have an associated fee). the complimentary registrations may be used by the sponsor’s employees or clients.
  • the online ad (described in the general benefits section) will be 250 px wide x 250 px high for the workshop partner and will occupy ad space #4 on the 2021 LEC program agenda page. it will be a static (non-rotating) ad. This ad can be tracked by the advertiser with a unique URL to their own web site.

Note: workshops will be held september 30-october 2, 2021, which is the week prior to the consortium.