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2013 Workshop Titles, Presenters, and Abstracts

1. Broadening the Basis for Validation Evidence: Alternative Strategies and Their Implications. S. Morton McPhail, CEB Valtera; Calvin C. Hoffman, LA County Sheriff's Department; Damian J. Stelly, CEB Valtera. Coordinator: Ryan O’Leary, PDRI

This workshop focuses on methods for developing validation evidence in situations when traditional criterion-related strategies are unavailable or impracticable. Topics include the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of various strategies, including transportability, job component validity, and construct validity. Attention will be given to applications, professional standards, regulatory guidance, and legal review.

2. Assessing the Legal Risks of Your Assessments. Kathleen K. Lundquist, APTMetrics; and Lawrence Ashe, Esq. Ashe, Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP. Coordinator: Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

This workshop will assist practitioners to assess the legal risks associated with selection, compensation, performance management, and downsizing efforts within the organizations they serve. We will review the significant new court decisions and regulatory initiatives that impact those processes and discuss strategies for ensuring their legal defensibility.

3. Retooling Performance Management: Science, Practice, and Art. Seymour Adler, AON Hewitt; Miriam Ort, PepsiCo. Coordinator: Darin Wiechmann, Bank of America

This workshop will examine how performance management is evolving through efforts of both practitioners and scholars to make it more efficient, effective, and aligned to business needs. The session will explore the link between research, design decisions, and organizational impact, and will highlight case studies from a number of organizations with diverse approaches to performance management process.

4. Integrated Talent Management: Methods for Integrating Talent Management Initiatives to Drive Organizational Performance. Mike Dolen, Kenexa; Leslie Joyce, Novelis. Coordinator: John Howes, Kenexa

What is “integrated talent management?” This workshop explores the broad array of traditional and contemporary views and provides a business-focused methodology for ensuring organizations can deliver on their talent agenda. Objective and qualitative information from talent management professionals and business leaders will be discussed.

5. Building a Coaching Culture through Strategic Choices. Doug Riddle, Center for Creative Leadership; Chris Pollino, Genentech/Roche. Coordinator: Aarti Shyamsunder, Catalyst

This workshop will provide a framework for helping practitioners and HR leaders find the right combination of coaching-related development options within their organization. Attendees will learn about five levels or patterns of coaching use, based on research from CCL, and how to use these levels to strategically meet the needs of organizations.

6. Organizational Climate and Culture: Manifestations, Measurement, and Management. Benjamin Schneider, CEB Valtera; Mark G. Ehrhart, San Diego State University. Coordinator: Rob Michel, Edison Electric Institute

The workshop will present an overview of organizational climate and organizational culture theory, research, and practice. We will emphasize how both climate and culture can be included in organizational assessments and incorporated in organizational development and change programs with examples of how they have been used in organizations.


7. Viewing Linkage Research through the Lenses of Current Practice and Cutting-Edge Advances. Robert E. Gibby, Procter & Gamble; Rodney A. McCloy, HumRRO; Dan Putka, HumRRO. Coordinator: Emily Solberg, CEB Valtera

This workshop will review best practices and advances in conducting linkage research and managing results in applied settings. It will describe the business questions that best lend themselves to linkage research, its data requirements, appropriate statistical methods, and how to take action on linkage results.


8. I-O and IT Together in Perfect Harmony: Best Practices when Collaborating with IT Teams. Kevin Impelman, Kenexa; Nathan Mondragon, Oracle; Tami J. Licht, Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI). Coordinator: Jerilyn Hayward, ServiceMaster

In this workshop, participants will gain a functional understanding of how I-O and IT can work together to implement a variety of talent management tools. Specifically, software development systems and processes, overview of IT language, and best practices working with IT teams will be shared.


9. Building a Compelling Brand: Guidebook for I-O's. Wayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado Denver; Cristina G. Banks, Lamorinda Consulting, LLC. Coordinator: Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University

This workshop will examine how I-O psychologists can build a compelling brand, frame their work to show others why their work matters by linking to important organizational results and outcomes, and how to analyze and interpret business or societal issues in ways that play to I-O strengths and competitive advantages.


10. The I-O Leap: Transitioning into – and Succeeding in – Business. Rick Guzzo, Mercer; Alexis Fink, Intel Corporation. Coordinator: Leanne Bennett, JP Morgan

The workshop will examine the unique contributions that I-O psychologists can make in applied environments and explore the important business skills that are frequently neglected in I-O graduate education and in I-O academic work but are necessary for success in business environments.


11. What's All the Buzz About? The Most Impactful I-O Research Developments of the Last Five Years. Paul R. Sackett, The University of Minnesota; Nancy T. Tippins, CEB Valtera. Coordinator: Christina Norris-Watts, Macquarie Group Limited

We focus on identifying recent research with implications for practice, using three approaches: a) find the most cited publications of the last five years, b) survey researchers and practitioners asking "what's the most important research in the last 5 years?", and c) present what strikes the presenters as important.


12. Psychometrics for the Rest of Us, Practical Answers to Common Measurement Questions. Jeff Foster, Hogan Assessment Systems. Coordinator: Laura Heaton, The Hershey Company

This workshop will review basic statistical techniques commonly used by SIOP members. We will focus on how to be good consumers of this information and ways to present statistical results to laypersons. Topics covered will include correlation and regression, group comparisons, and methods for constructing and evaluating surveys and assessments.