2021 SIOP Masters Consortium

Thank you for considering the 2021 SIOP Virtual Masters Consortium as part of your SIOP Annual Conference experience. We are looking forward to connecting with you.

The Master’s Consortium is a development and networking event that includes a diverse set of I-O professionals who offer unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges faced by I-O practitioners today. Speakers will focus on the key developmental experiences that can lay the groundwork for a successful career in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a Master’s degree.  

The program includes formal presentations by I-O practitioners, social networking, and short development activities. Below is the schedule of events.


Session 1: Friday, March 19 CST

1:00-1:35 pm CST Data Visualization/Data Analytics Forum. Presented by Chris Rosett, Comcast

1:35-2:00 pm CST Augmented Break: SIOP Career Center*. Presented by Amber Burkhart, Hogan Assessments

2:00-3:00 pm CST The Human Side of I-O Psychology: HR Business Partner. Presented by Tyra Gray, Samsung 


Session 2: Wednesday, March 24 CST

1:00-1:35 pm CST Speed Networking in facilitated breakout rooms

1:35-1:55 pm CST Augmented Break: Getting Involved with SIOP*. Information Display 

1:55-2:55 pm CST Public Sector Journey as an I-O Psychologist. Presented by Destiny Mercado, FEMA


Session 3: Wednesday, March 31 CST

1:00-2:00 pm CST Mastering the Assessment-Realm: Early Career Insights. Presented by Cody Warren, Hogan Assessments

2:00-2:15 pm CST Augmented Break: I-O Career Tracks*. Information Display

2:15-3:15 pm CST Lost in Translation: How to Communicate with a Non-I-O Audience. Presented by Rachel Reichman, Google.


Session 4: Friday, April 2 CST

1:00-1:35 pm CST Structured Interviews Activity. Presented by Matisha Montgomery, HUD

1:35-1:55 pm CST Augmented Break: Salary Negotiation*. Information Display

1:55-2:55 pm CST Thinking Like an External Consultant: How an I-O Psychologist Can Help You! Presented by Dalyn Allen, DCI


*Augmented Breaks are a time for attendees to disconnect and recharge while still being able to engage with valuable content presented casually.


Questions? Contact Matisha Montgomery ( or Christopher Rosett ( for additional information. 

 *Names in bold are SIOP members.