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2023 Partner Showcases and Tech Demos

At the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference, partners have the opportunity to share their knowledge and/or demo their software in paid Partner Showcases and Tech Demos. All showcases and demos will take place in Room 206 in the Hynes Convention Center.

Thursday, April 20
Room 206

9:00-10:20 AM Partner Showcase
Sponsor: SHL

“Under Armour: Unleash Leadership Strength”

With a new business strategy to drive growth, Under Armour has been committed to building its leadership strength to enable this strategy.  In addition to defining core leadership expectations, UA leveraged SHL’s validated models to measure current state, future potential, and readiness of its leaders to succeed in critical business challenges.  This discipline has expanded to leader selection and onboarding and is focused on repurposing their leadership assessment data to inform succession planning.  Join us for a discussion with UA’s VP of HR and Talent Management to hear lessons learned, early success metrics, and what’s next for this sportswear pioneer.


Glenn RosenGlenn Rosen, MBA
VP, Human Resources and Talent Management, Under Armour




Marlene DunneDr. Marlene Dunne, PhD
Expert Advisor, SHL






10:30-11:20 AM Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Fuel50

“The Future of Workforce Optimization & Talent Mobility”

The most engaged employees are from organizations that prioritize career development, give employees access to career resources and learning, and provide access to learning opportunities.  Join us to hear the Founder and CEO of Fuel50, skills-based AI Talent Marketplace solution, present their psychologist-led research study on Internal Talent Mobility and Workforce Reskilling; including identifying the significant drivers of Retention, Engagement and Talent Mobility today; the key imperatives for Talent Mobility in the coming decade; the power of Engagement through Development; the key levers that drive Employee Engagement, and the strategic actions that can be implemented in a fast-evolving workforce.


Anne Fulton
CEO & Founder, Fuel50





1:00-1:50 PM Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Valence

How The Coca-Cola Company Supports Leaders and Teams At Scale

Like many companies, the iconic Coca-Cola Company knows it can't simply rest on its laurels. Instead, in 2019 Coca-Cola undertook a large reorg designed to make their global workforce flatter, faster, and more interconnected. In this interactive Partner Showcase you'll hear firsthand how Coca-Cola navigated this transformation, built an assessment and resource toolkit to support it, and implemented programs that helped redefine how thousands of leaders and teams come together and collaborated.


Dr. Parker Mitchell, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder, Valence





Caleb MorfitDr. Caleb Morfit, PhD
Global Director of Assessment Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company




Marly Siegal, MS in Organizational Sciences
Director, Talent & Development Strategy and Portfolio Management, The Coca-Cola Company





2:00-3:20 PM Tech Demo
Sponsor: SHL

"SHL Mobilize:  A groundbreaking solution to support agile and data-driven talent planning"

Over one-third of businesses continue to pull talent data from four or more systems to support talent analytics and workforce planning.  SHL Mobilize is a multi-award-winning solution (SIOP, HR Tech, Brandon Hall Group) to support talent planning and decision making while reducing bias.  Fueled by SHL’s objective and valid assessment data and models, HR Stakeholders or Managers can access on-demand talent insights to understand individual/aggregate strengths and potential gaps, to identify HIPO nominees, to discover “hidden gems” and to build a leadership bench.  Join us for an engaging demonstration of how top organizations are leveraging this science-backed talent planning tool.



Amanda KondrotasDr. Amanda Kondrotas, PhD
Director, Sales Specialists, SHL




Marlene DunneDr. Marlene Dunne, PhD
Expert Advisor, SHL





4:00-4:50 PM Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Plum

“Future-proof Your Organization with the Right Talent”

Discussion on how the science of I/O psychology and scalable technology provides data that informs enhanced talent decisions, including the impact predictive science has on helping Whirlpool engage, attract and retain high-performing talent. Also provide insight into understanding how a candidates’ human potential can unlock opportunities for their organizations and add value to their talent strategies.


Caitlin MacGregor, Honours BA
CEO & Co-Founder, Plum




Dr. Neil Christiansen, PhD
Director of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Central Michigan University




Dr. Doug Haaland, PhD
Vice President, Global Talent Management, Whirlpool




Friday, April 21
Room 206

8:00-8:50 AM Tech Demo
Sponsor: Perceptyx

"Employee Listening Technology to Enable People and Organizational Success"

The voice of the employee is critical to addressing today’s most pressing challenges, such as providing great experiences to remote workers and hybrid workforces in times of economic uncertainty, driving effective DEI initiatives, attracting and retaining talent, and continuously enhancing employee well-being. Perceptyx provides the most comprehensive platform and in-house services to support continuous conversations with your people, and take meaningful action to help organizations thrive. Join us to learn how your organization can solve for the most relevant challenges that you--and your people--are facing.



Mark SabetJason Sabet, MA in I-O Psychology
Solutions Consultant, Perceptyx





Brandon RiggsBrandon Riggs, MS in I-O Psychology
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Perceptyx






9:00-10:20 AM Tech Demo
Sponsor: Valence

"Tech Demo: Scaling Team Development and Manager Enablement with Valence" 

The Valence digital team development platform productizes the best practices of top teams and team coaches to enable more leaders and teams to work better, together. Valence's tools help teams self-facilitate developmental conversations through personalized guidance, resources, and interactive discussion guides. Hear how leading organizations like The Coca-Cola Company, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, BMS, Nestlé, and Spanx are using Valence to help their teams and leaders develop at scale.


Mark SaffranMark Saffran, MA in I-O Psychology
Client Design and Deployment Lead, Valence





10:30-11:20 AM Tech Demo
Sponsor: Fuel50

"Demo of Fuel50's Skills-Powered Talent Marketplace"

Fuel50 is the AI-powered talent marketplace that delivers skills insights, internal talent mobility and workforce agility. Here are three reasons to attend this session to preview Fuel50’s software: (1) Fuel50 has been shortlisted for a Cloud Award in the Best Software as a Service (USA-Enterprise) category. The 2022-23 Cloud Awards celebrates organizations from across the globe and their shortlist features some incredibly creative cloud computing organizations. (2) Fuel50 has been named a gold winner (for the third year in a row) in the 2022 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in HR Technology Awards. The awards recognize organizations whose technology has measurably benefited their workforce in the areas of Learning and Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Sales Enablement, and Future of Work. (3) A recent 2023 Gartner for HR research study uncovered that the three most important HR technologies for the coming year are: skills management, learning experience platforms and internal talent marketplaces (Gartner for HR - HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond).  Don’t miss out on learning more about this unique software package.


Mariah Martin

Miriah Martin, M.A.
Solutions Consultant, Fuel50





1:00-1:50 PM Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Multi-Health Systems

“The Role of The Psychologist Behind the Camera in Reality TV: Where Assessment Meets Casting”

Psychologists have enjoyed expanding roles in the field of entertainment. When we think of psychologists in entertainment, we tend to think of Dr. Phil and other on-camera psychologists. However, a growing number of psychologists have begun working behind the scenes in both scripted and unscripted (reality) TV. Information based on 20 years of experience working in reality TV with dozens of shows including Big Brother Canada, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor Canada, The Amazing Race Canada, MasterChef Canada, Scare Tactics, Blown Away, and many, many more will be shared. In this presentation I will outline the growing genre of reality TV, dispel some myths, and speak to the role of show psychologists. Relevant to organizational psychology is the psychologist’s role in cast selection and the similarities/differences to assessment and selection in organizational settings at large. One difference, for example, is that you usually learn the success of your predictions in 10 weeks or less. The role reality TV plays in influencing audiences on social issues as well as some of the ethical and practical issues will also be discussed.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about candidate selection in a high-profile industry.
  2. Discover how different branches of psychology interact in selection/casting
  3. See the connection between social psychology field studies and reality TV
  4. Find out how this genre of TV can influence millions of people on social issues
  5. Explore some of the ethical issues involved in these high-stake selections


Dr. Steven Stein, PhD
Founder and Executive Chair of Multi-Health Systems (MHS)




2:00-3:20 PM Tech Demo
Sponsor: Hogan Assessment Systems

“Redefine Executive Coaching with the Hogan Leadership Experience”

Developing and coaching leaders without assessment is akin to allowing a physician to treat elite athletes without conducting any diagnostic medical tests. Yet even when an assessment is used in leadership development, most of the products available today are:

  • too generalized and lack impact,
  • abstract, complex, and difficult to action; or
  • fun, flashy, and flimsy.

The Hogan Leadership Experience (HLX) is a new product that reimagines top executives’ experience with assessments, coaching, and development. This bespoke technology reinvents science-driven executive coaching and ultimately redefines leadership itself. Seamlessly integrated into talent management initiatives, HLX will fuel more effective development planning and long-lasting behavior change. Join our tech demonstration to see how Hogan is using interactive technology and the science of personality to empower leaders to build higher-performing teams.


Jackie SahmJackie VanBroekhoven Sahm, MS in I-O Psychology
Director of Product Development | Interactive Products, Hogan Assessment Systems




Jocelyn HaysJocelyn Hays, MS in I-O Psychology
Director of Product Development | HTP Operation Center Applications, Hogan Assessment Systems



Onsite Rules for Both Partner Showcases & Tech Exploration Demonstrations:

  • Partners may leave product/service flyers or branded brochures and business cards at the back of the room on a table for pick-up by attendees, and they will remove all marketing materials and business cards at the conclusion of their event.
  • Partners also may offer a designated place on the table for attendees to voluntarily leave a business card or a sign-up sheet to be contacted.
  • The partner will not receive a list of the individuals in the room from SIOP.
  • Partners may not compel those attending their session to sign an attendance list or to share contact information.
  • Contact between partners and attendees must be voluntary and consensual.
  • SIOP does not guarantee attendance.
  • Partners may offer a drawing for a prize by providing a standard entry form to be completed by the attendee voluntarily.