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Innovation at the Crossroads

Presenter:  Jeremiah Lee

A vibrant city thrives at the intersection of major trade routes; a new art form emerges as cultures commingle in an urban melting pot; life flourishes in a fertile delta as a river meets the sea.  So it is with creativity and innovation- at the intersection of disparate domains we find new and valuable ideas springing to life.

Drawing upon the real world experiences of a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural innovation group based out of Shanghai, this session will explore innovation at meeting of multiple worlds.  A focus will be on identifying the challenges and opportunities of combining design and science, theory and application, creativity and value creation, and disparate cultures and personalities. Practical solutions will be discussed for designing and managing organizations for successful creative outcomes.

This session will also review innovation in China, which is quickly becoming a major global crossroad between both East and West; old economy and new.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply management techniques that are specifically geared towards fostering innovation within multidisciplinary teams
  2. Utilize a new theoretical framework for innovation management in both academic and applied settings
  3. Explain the difference between creative ability and creative style and the relative importance of each concept
  4. Design teams and organizations more effectively for innovation
  5. Discuss some of the unique characteristics of creativity and innovation in China