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New to SIOP?

To apply for SIOP professional (Member or Associate) membership or Student Affiliate membership, or to make any purchase on our website, you must first create an account on our website. Please go to the Account Registration page to create your account. The membership application process is only available through the SIOP website.

Apply for Membership

Click the red "Join or Upgrade your Membership" button in your user profile (see above) to complete the application. Note that your resume, and possibly other supporting documents, will need to be uploaded as part of the application process for professional membership. Read the SIOP membership requirementsPLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR APPLICATION MATERIALS CLEARLY REFLECT THE CRITERIA. FOR EXAMPLE, IF APPLYING FOR MEMBERSHIP, INCLUDING ENOUGH DETAIL SO IT IS CLEAR YOUR DISSERTATION WAS PSYCHOLOGY-RELATED.

Dues are payable at the time of application and preliminary membership benefits become immediately available. Professional membership applicants will receive notification of their approval usually within 5-6 weeks. For professional membership applications that are not approved, dues payments will be refunded. Student Affiliate applicants are automatically approved for membership. Dues information is available here.

Want to Upgrade Your Membership?

If you are a current or previous Associate, or Student Affiliate who is eligible to upgrade your membership to a higher membership level, please submit an upgrade request.

Click on Sign In at the top of this page to log in (or click My Account, Manage My Account, if you are already logged into my.SIOP.) Once in your account click on the red "Join or Upgrade your Membership" button to complete the upgrade application. Please note that documents will need to be uploaded as part of the application process.

To take advantage of the SIOP bylaws change allowing Associates with master’s degrees to upgrade to Member, please go here.

Renew Your Membership

If you are a current or previous SIOP member and simply wish to renew your membership at the same membership level, please log into your account above (click on Sign In at the top of this page.) Once in your account, please make updates to your contact information first, then click the red "Quick Renewal" button.

Depending on your current status in SIOP, the system may first ask you to confirm your educational information (to determine automatic eligibility for an upgrade) before continuing to the payment screen.

Important Supplemental Information

FAQ about the membership application process or dues renewal

How to add your resumé or CV to your application 

How to add supporting documents to your application 

If you need additional help, please contact Jayne Tegge, Membership Services Specialist, at jtegge@siop.org or call 419-353-0032.