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Job Board

SIOP Leading Edge Consortium – October 16-17, 2009
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center

As a service to Leading Edge attendees, a message board will be located in a prominent location at the meeting for use as a job board. The board is to assist those seeking consulting work, a full-time position, or to advertise skills and services. Organizations with registered attendees can post RFPs or job openings.

Listings provided electronically prior to September 30 will be posted online to a site accessible only to registered LEC attendees. The postings will remain online through November 1.

Several guidelines have been established for the job board:

1. Postings to the job board are limited to 300 words or less and must be printed on paper no larger than 8 ½” x 11”. Multiple business cards may be posted. Brochures may be posted. Care must be taken to see that space is equitably available for all who seek to use the job board.

2. The following format is to be used:

♦ Headline (One line succinctly stating what is being sought or offered)
♦ Name (Person in attendance or contact if offering project or job)
♦ Title
♦ Affiliation
♦ Contact information (e-mail address required)
♦ Details (Up to 300-word description of what is being sought or offered)

3. The job board is not intended for the sale of products such as books, assessments, or surveys.

4. SIOP staff has the final authority to remove or relocate materials.

5. No anonymous postings.

6. Questions about the job board can be directed to:

Executive Director Dave Nershi
(419) 353-0032