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2016 Small Grant Award Winners

The SIOP Foundation is proud to award small grant funding to three impressive teams and one impressive individual.

Jinyan Fan

Silvia Dello Russo (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal), Bernd Carette (Ghent University, Belgium), and Roberto Petrucci (AXA MPS Financial Ltd.) receive a small grant for their work “Are Informal Performance Management Systems Facilitating Learning? An Experience Sampling Investigation of Informal Performance Management.”

A grant is given to Lu Zheng (Auburn University), Yongxin Li (Henan University), and Nathan D. Page (Assessment Associates International, LLC) for their project “Testing the Effectiveness and Mechanisms of Several Prewarnings in Reducing Applicant Faking on Personality Tests Within Selection Contexts: A Field Investigation.”

Abdifatah Ali (Michigan State University), Ann Marie Ryan (Michigan State University), Brent Lyons (Simon Fraser University), and Jessica Keeney (APTMetrics, Inc.) receive a small grant for research entitled “Checking Criminal Records: Its Consequences for Applicants and Employers.”

Many U.S. companies use criminal record checks, but few have formally validated screening criteria that ensures their proper use. On the other end of the hiring equation, applicants with criminal backgrounds are provided with diverse advice on how to best present themselves in a hiring context, despite any evidence of the efficacy of these approaches. The purpose of our grant was to answer questions pertinent to employers (how do decision-makers form judgments of job-relatedness when considering criminal record information?) as well as job-seekers (how do applicants with a criminal record manage their impressions?).

A grant is also given to Ute R. Hülsheger (Maastricht University) for her study, "Mindfulness@Work: Promoting Work-Related Well-Being by Cultivating Equanimity."

Aim of the Proposed Project
Work intensity and pressure have been growing, posing a considerable risk for employees’ physical and mental health (Eurofound, 2011). Apart from individual suffering, these developments are associated with increases in absenteeism, medical care costs and reduced work performance and therefore do not only affect individuals but also organizations and the wider society (Eurofound, 2007). It is therefore vital to identify individual resources that make employees resilient, help them cope with work demands, and protect their well-being and health....Read more

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