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SIOP Annual Conference 2000:  
What You Need to Know


April 14-16, 2000 Workshops: April 13, 2000

Ron Johnson
University of Scranton


Welcome to "Norlins." I was never quite sure how one would spell New Orleans if pronounced like a local but you have seen my best shot. With just a little conscientious practice, even Yankees can get it right.

I can assure you that back in 1983 when Irv Goldstein was talking about SIOP holding a mid-year conference, no one was thinking about SIOP 2000 where registration will most likely exceed 3,000! Surely few organizations have had records of success that can compare with our history. We stand on the shoulders of Stan Silverman, Bill Macey, and Katherine Klein and an amazing number of SIOP volunteers. Hotels continue to be amazed that we produce a conference of our size, and quality, while relying primarily on volunteers. In recent years, we have had the benefit of the yeoman work of the SIOP Administrative Office but we are still a conference guided by our many members who unselfishly volunteer their time. Enough reflectionit comes with age.

Get ready for your best conference experience yet! What better city for SIOP 2000 than the amazing city of New Orleans? Murray Barrick and his "merry band" of program reviewers have organized an outstanding program. Karen Paul and her volunteers have a high quality series of workshops from which to choose. Linda Sawin is prepared for another active Placement service. John Cornwell is taking care of local arrangementshe is an especially good source for information on quality restaurants. Remember, if you hope for a reservation at one of New Orleans' finest, you will need to make reservations far in advance.


  • As you go through the remainder of this registration booklet, remember that all registration materials need to be mailed to the SIOP Administrative Office.
  • Make your hotel reservations right away. Last year, our conference hotel sold out before January.
  • Monitor the SIOP web site for conference updates. For example, if (when) our conference hotel sells out, we will provide information about overflow hotels on the web site. The web site also has links to general information about New Orleans. (http://www.siop.org)

SPECIAL CONFERENCE EVENT: This year's conference will have one special event. During the Saturday night dessert reception, the SIOP Foundation will recognize individuals who have stepped forward to provide leadership through their personal stewardship to the Foundation. The Foundation, and this special event, represent important milestones for our organization.

New Orleans is ready. Are you ready for New Orleans? I look forward to seeing you in the spring.


SIOP plans to continue its tradition of no smoking in, and near, the meeting rooms.


Conference registration fees will be refunded until April 7th, less $35.00approximately the cost of food, materials, and administrative time. Essentially, all the money that has not yet been spent in time or financial commitments will be returned. Therefore, there will be no refund for students. Members and Foreign Affiliates will receive a refund of $30.00, and non-members, $95.00. After April 7th, no refunds will be given. This policy refers only to Conference registration fees. The cancellation policy for Workshop can be found on page 14.


The SIOP Program Committee would like to draw your attention to the fact the Conference runs through Sunday, 1:00 p.m. and we hope everyone will stay for the entire Conference.

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