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Some Hints to Help With Online Registration

  • Go to the SIOP Web site (www.siop.org); click on the button Conference; Click on the button Registration. Detailed instructions follow.
  • To register online, SIOP members/affiliates will need the password that they created. If you forget your username or password, you can choose to have an e-mail sent to you, or you can contact the Administrative Office. If you are a nonmember, follow the alternate instructions to search for your name if you have previously attended the SIOP conference or purchased books from SIOP. When doing this search for your name, if you have a problem finding it, try typing in the first few letters of your last name only. If you have a double last name or have recently changed your last name, try searching for both names. If your name is NOT listed, add your information into a new record.
  • HINT: Wild card asterisks will not work.
  • HINT: Use the tab key instead of the enter key to move from field to field.
  • HINT: The Reset button will clear the current screen of all information.
  • WARNING: Do not use the back button! This will disrupt the registration process, and you will have to shut your browser down and start all over again. The back button is specific to your browser.
  • WARNING: Review your event choices carefully before you hit the Proceed button at any point in the registration process. Once signed up for event(s), you cant change or cancel them online. You must call the SIOP Administrative Office (419-353-0032) to cancel/change events.
  • The workshops and the tour both occur on Thursday; the software will allow you to sign up (and be charged) for both. Unless you are registering someone else (e.g., spouse) for the tour, please choose one OR the other.
  • WARNING: Multiple users could be online at the same timewhat is open now could close while your registration is in process (e. g., workshops, tutorial, tour).
  • You will be able to add events (such as tutorial, workshops, tour, fun run, placement center) or update your address information at any time.
  • If you need to pay for an event with a second credit card, finish the registration process for events on the one card, and re-enter your SIOP password to go again to the initial Registration screen.
  • If registering anonymously for the placement center, make sure you click yes and do NOT upload a resume.
  • Your credit card transaction takes place on a secure link to SIOPs credit card provider.
  • You may wish to print out the Conference Registration page with the summary of your choices and payment information, for your own records. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation/receipt once your registration is complete.

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