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The SIOP Pub Hub: 
A Combined Book and Journal Exhibit

The Pub Hub will display (face out) copies of journals, periodicals, and books related to the science and practice of I-O psychology. You may send up to 20 copies of a brochure, which will be displayed at the exhibit. 3,000+ conference attendees will be able to examine your publication themselves. 

We will list in a companion brochure (both a printed and Web version) the titles to be displayed. The listing will include a 25-word description of your publication, along with pricing and contact information for placing orders. 

Please consider placing your book, journal, or periodical at SIOP 2004. Payment is required at the time you make your reservation. Sorry, no refunds or returns of publications. The rate is low: 1 title is $125.00, 2 titles are $240.00, 3 titles are $360.00, 4 titles are $480.00, 5 titles are $600.00, and 6 titles are $720.00. Send two copies of each publication, and if you wish, up to 20 copies of your brochure before March 5th. SIOP reserves the right to reject unrelated publications.

Pub Hub Reservation Form

Please complete all information (and make corrections if necessary):

Contacts name:  ________________________________________________
Company: _____________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________
Fax: __________________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________________

Attach, on your letterhead, the following information for each title that you wish to display:

Complete title, including any subtitle
Author or editors name and affiliation
Contact information including telephone, address, Web sites, and e-mail
A 25-word description of the publication
Price or subscription rates (individual, institutional, and foreign)
For books: year of publication and ISBN number
For periodicals: frequency of publication and ISSN number

Two copies of each book or periodical must reach the SIOP office by March 5, 2004.

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