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Tutorial 1
Getting Your Hands Dirty: Academic and Applied Perspectives on Conducting Organizational Research

Elaine Pulakos
Personnel Decisions Research Institutes

Ann Marie Ryan 
Michigan State University

A defining test of many psychological theories is how they stand up in the real world, andfor I-O psychologythe real world usually means organizational settings. Accordingly, studies conducted in these field settings are often seen as more credible than those conducted in lab settings. However, conducting research in organizational settings comes with many challenges. This tutorial will focus on overcoming these obstacles to effectively carry out research programs in organizational settings. 

Drs. Pulakos and Ryan will share their wealth of personal experiences and lessons learned about conducting I-O research in organizational settings. Particular attention will be paid to the integration of applied consulting projects and researchboth in terms of integrating research questions into ongoing projects as well as utilizing past projects as a source of data. This session will also discuss overcoming the obstacles that are often encountered with field studies (e.g., locating sites for field research, obtaining funding, obtaining buy-in). Participants will be actively involved in the tutorial through focused discussions and exercises, ensuring that topics of interest and concern to the participants are addressed.

Elaine Pulakos (PhD, Michigan State University) is vice-president and director of the Washington, DC office of Personnel Decisions Research Institutes. She is a fellow of APA and SIOP, and has served as SIOP president, member-at-large, secretary, and program chair. Her interests focus on the areas of staffing, performance management, and employee development, with recent work addressing the topic of adaptive performance. Dr. Pulakos has consulted with numerous public and private-sector organizations, crafting solutions and designing and implementing operational human resource systems to meet their specific needs.

Ann Marie Ryan (PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago) is currently a professor of I-O psychology at Michigan State University. Her primary research interests are in the areas of fairness in hiring practices, the use of noncognitive selection tools, and practical application questions in employee attitude surveying. Ann Marie is currently serving as editor of Personnel Psychology and as past-president of SIOP.

Coordinator: Susan White, Personnel Decisions Research Institutes