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20th Annual Preconference Workshops, Sunday Seminars, and Other CE Sessions


20th Annual SIOP Preconference Workshops

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Morning Workshops 8:30 AM12:00 PM

Afternoon Workshops 1:30 PM5:00 PM

Two workshops, lunch, and a cocktail reception are included in the workshop price.

To attend the following workshops, you must register for two workshop sessions and receive confirmation that you are registered! Please pick up your packet Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the SIOP table near hotel registration or Thursday beginning at 6:30 a.m. in the Beaudry Foyer (Lobby Level).

1. Building a Great Place to Work
2. Surveys Throughout the Employment Lifecycle: What Matters, When
3. Diversity Management: Moving Past the Buzzwords to Best Practices
4. Six Sigma: Discipline, Data, and Humans
5. Keeping Your Key Players: Innovations in Talent Retention
6. I-O Psychologist as Expert Witness: The Challenges of Testimony
7. Cognitive Behavioral Psychology Applied to Organizational Settings
8. The High Learner as a High Potential: Implications for Talent Management and Succession Planning
9. Situational Judgment Tests: Practice and Theory
10. Merging and Shaping Corporate Cultures: Realities and Learnings
11. Building a Strategy-Based Business Case for Investments in People
12. Developing Women Leaders: Lessons Learned from Research and Practice
13. Ethics and the Practice of I-O Psychology
14. Relevance and Rigor in Organizational Research


20th Annual SIOP Conference Expanded Tutorials

Sunday, April 17, 2005

9:00 AM12:00 Noon

To attend one of the following Sunday Seminars, you must register for it and receive confirmation that you have registered!

1. Collecting and Analyzing Data Using Experience Sampling Methods
2. Item Response Theory
3. Emerging Perspectives of Work and Family Interfaces
4. I-O Participation in Federal Research Grants 


Other CE Opportunities

There is no extra charge for these sessions. Session 197 carries 1.5 hours of CE credit and 
Sessions 87, 122, 124, 222, and 226 each carry 2 hours of CE credit.

1. Session 87: Coaching Leaders Around Critical Choices
2. Session 122: Fundamentals of Employment Law: Concepts and Applications
3. Session 124: A Master Tutorial by Sidney A. Fine
4. Session 197: Sexual Harassment: Legal Issues and Implications for Employer Policies
5. Session 222: Getting Started With Computer-Based Testing
6. Session 226: Preparing Tests for Traveling: Pitfalls and Remedies in Multicultural/Multilingual Testing

Note: Sessions 122 and 124 are scheduled simultaneously so you must plan to attend only one. The same is true of Sessions 222 and 226.

Program Table of Contents