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Post Conference Placement Center sign-up

SIOP Conference Placement Center: What You Need To Know

Liberty Munson
The Boeing Company

Irene A. Sasaki
The Dow Chemical Company

SIOP continues to offer job placement services at its annual conference. To use the Placement Center, you must be registered for both the conference and the Placement Center. To fully benefit from the Placement Center service, both job seekers and employers should register at least 2 weeks in advance.

Note: SIOPs JobNet and the Placement Center are two separate services. Registration in JobNet cannot be substituted for registration in the conference Placement Center. If you are currently registered in JobNet and want to use the Placement Center, you must register for this service through the conference Web site. 

Key Features of the Placement Center

  • The center is once again being run as a fully online process, replacing the paper copies of resumes and job postings of years past. It is to your advantage to register early and to conduct as much of your search as possible online prior to the conference.
  • A bank of computers will be available in the Placement Center to search the database during the conference. These will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis with time restrictions imposed during busy periods. It is recommended that you bring a laptop to the conference, if you have one. The conference hotels have Internet access in the guest rooms, which can be used to access the Placement Center database at your convenience. The hotel does charge an additional fee for this service.

Registration and Important Points

Preregistration for the Placement Center is through the SIOP conference registration Web page. Some important points:

  • Job seekers and employers will enter/upload resumes and/or job descriptions into password-protected databases. You will be able to conduct keyword searches of the database enabling you to identify the jobs or candidates that best fit your needs. 
  • You will have access to the appropriate database until June 15, 2005 to conduct job or candidate searches and print resumes or job descriptions.
  • Bring resumes or job descriptions with you to the conference because hard copies are not available on site and printing capability is limited. 
  • Private mailbox numbers will be e-mailed along with your Placement Center registration confirmation. Mailboxes are one means of communicating with employers/job seekers. 
  • Resumes are limited to TWO (2) pages and job descriptions to FOUR (4) pages. 
  • If you are registering anonymously, click the appropriate box on the online registration form. Do NOT upload your resume or job description.
  • It is to your advantage to register at least 2 weeks prior to the conference to allow job seekers/employers sufficient time to search the database and print out your postings/job descriptions/resumes.

Who May Register for Placement Services

SIOPs Placement Center is open to member and nonmember job seekers who are registered for the conference. Organizations and universities may submit position openings for which I-O training and experience are relevant. Listings may be for full- or part-time positions and/or internships. 

Registration Costs

The registration fee for SIOP Student Affiliate job/internship seekers is $40, for SIOP member job/internship seekers it is $45, and for nonmember job/internship seekers it is $100. The employer registration fee is $185 and covers one or more positions. No refunds will be given for cancellations.

Note: Students who are not SIOP Student Affiliates will need to register at the nonmember rate of $100.

Helpful Information for Job Seekers and Employers

Visit the Placement Center section of the SIOP conference Web site for:

  • Information on using the Placement Center, including photos from last years facility 
  • Useful tips on resume writing and interviewing that may be particularly helpful for new job seekers of applied and academic positions 
  • Tips for employers on writing job descriptions

Access to the Database Without Participating in the Placement Center

An option is available to those interested in accessing the job-seeker or employer databases without participating in the Placement Center. Access to the Web site is available 1 week after the conference through June 15, 2005. The cost is $150 to access resumes and $40 to access job postings. Paper copies of the resumes and job postings are not available. 


Contact the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032. 

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To return to a current registration process, if you have started it, click here.