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21st Annual Preconference Workshops, Sunday Seminars, and Other CE Sessions


21st Annual SIOP Preconference Workshops

Thursday, May 6, 2006

Morning Workshops 8:30 AM12:00 PM

Afternoon Workshops 1:30 PM5:00 PM

Two workshops, lunch, and a cocktail reception are included in the workshop price.

To attend the following workshops, you must register for two workshop sessions and receive confirmation that you are registered! Please pick up your packet Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the SIOP table near hotel registration or Thursday beginning at 6:30 a.m. in the Press Club/Registration Office (2nd floor-H).

1. Defending Minimum Qualifications for E-Applicants and Beyond
2. The I-O Psychologist and the Executive Committee: Lessons From the Front Line
3. High-Impact Leadership Development Systems
4. Driving Business Success Through Understanding and Leveraging Corporate and National Cultures
5. Employment Law: That Was the Year That Wasand What Might Be Next
6. The State-of-the-Art in E-Learning
7. Separating Wheat From Chaff: Interpreting Results From Contemporary Analytic Methods
8. Global Talent Management: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
9. Recent Practical, Methodological, and Statistical Advances in the Detection of Adverse Impact and Test Bias
10. Designing and Implementing Performance Management: Best Practices and Applied Realities
11. Breathing New Life Into Assessment Centers: Leveraging Assessment, Learning, and Technology to Develop Top Talent

12. The Ropes to Learn and the Ropes to Skip: Facilitating Executive On-Boarding
13. Driving Higher Performance Within Your (Internal or External) Consulting Practice
14. Understanding the Financial Context of Organizations: What I-O Psychologists Should Know


21st Annual SIOP Conference Sunday Seminars

Sunday, May 7, 2006

9:00 AM12:00 Noon

To attend one of the following Sunday Seminars, you must register for it and receive confirmation that you have registered!

1. Interdisciplinary Research
2. Strategies for Enhancing the Collection of Internet-Based Data
3. Cutting-Edge Topics in Teams Research
4. Counterproductive Work Behavior: A ScientistPractitioner Workshop


Other CE Opportunities

There is no extra charge for these sessions. Sessions 85 and 205 carry 1.5 hours of CE credit and Sessions 55, 129, and 157 each carry 2 hours of CE credit.

1. Session 55: Media Training Workshop: Preparing for the Media Interview
2. Session 85: Measuring and Maximizing the ROI of Executive Coaching
3. Session 129: SIOP Goes to Washington: Advocating for I-O Psychology
4. Session 157: Introduction to the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model and Its Estimation
5. Session 205: Using Statistical Techniques to Correct Rater Bias in Multisource Ratings.

Program Table of Contents