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Community of Interests Sessions 2006

See the Emerging Topics in I-O below that were chosen by SIOP conference attendees. 

The purpose of these 50-minute sessions is to provide an informal opportunity for members with an interest in particular research or practice topics to connect with other likeminded people. Such connections could lead to research collaborations, professional connections, or just lively discussion. Unlike previous years, this year we will have facilitators for the sessions list below.  See the program for details.

Sessions will be held in Live Oak. The sessions are fairly unstructured.  The point is to provide a venue for people to meet and get to know one another. The sessions will therefore be interactive and provide an opportunity to talk with others about a particular topic. If you are a practitioner looking for information about current research or practice, an academic seeking collaboration for research, or a graduate student wanting to get some feedback on a thesis topic, this is the place to do it! Seating and writing materials will be provided.   

New this year are member-generated sessionsEmerging Topics in I-O!  These topics were voted on by you and your colleagues.  

  • Session 29: Ethics in I-O, Friday  11:30-12:20
  • Session 51: Cognitive Ability Testing in an Unproctored Environment, Friday, 12:30-1:20
  • Session 140: Professional Standards for VG, Saturday  9:00-9:50


The list of topics for this years sessions are: 

  • Session 22: Issues in IRT, Friday  10:30-11:20 
  • Session 68: Justice, Friday  1:30-2:20
  • Session 165:  Issues in Multilevel Research, Saturday 10:30-11:20
  • Session 169: New OFCCP Rules on Internet Job Applicants, Saturday 11;30-12:20
  • Session 194: Executive Assessment & Selection, Saturday 12:30-1:20
  • Session 210: Test-Score Banding, Saturday 1:30-2:20
  • Session 239:  Leadership Talent Management, Saturday 3:30-4:20 
  • Session 244:  Theory Development, Saturday 4:30-5:20 

Look for session times in the conference program.

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