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Wanted: Student Volunteers for SIOP 2006 Conference in Dallas

Joerg Dietz
University of Western Ontario

Student Affiliates of SIOP wishing to volunteer to assist with the SIOP 2006 conference in Dallas must indicate so when they register online for the conference. Students not registering online will need to attach a note to their faxed or mailed registration form indicating a wish to volunteer. Last year, more than 80 students were volunteers. In Dallas, 80 student volunteers will be needed, starting on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3 and running through Sunday afternoon. All volunteers will receive, upon completion of their 4-hour obligation, a $60.00 prepaid gift card.

Each volunteer is obligated to serve a total of 4 hours, though it may be served in two or three different blocks of time. Volunteers assist in a variety of ways including helping with registration, assembling materials and signs, and serving as direction and information providers. Volunteers are selected based on the time that they register and their availability for a particular day and time. Joerg Dietz (jdietz_siop@ivey.uwo.ca), Volunteer Coordinator, organizes the volunteers and will contact each selected volunteer a month before the conference by e-mail regarding their assignment and any additional information.

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