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SIOP Presentation Guidelines and Suggestions, 2008 

Steven Rogelberg
University of North Carolina Charlotte


Thank you for visiting SIOP’s Presentation Guidelines and Suggestions site!  

One of the most frequently quoted benefits of SIOP membership is the annual conference. Clearly, the quality of presentations sets the tone for much of the conference.  And while, typically, the presentations are of high quality and clarity, we can all probably recall a session where one or two presentations ran too long, the visual aids could not be read, or the transitions between PowerPoint presentations were not coordinated. By providing a common set of guidelines unique to each type of session format, we hope to reduce, if not eliminate, these problems.
These guidelines were created to help you prepare for your SIOP presentation as well as to create consistency in quality across presentations. For the less experienced, the guidelines can serve as a resource for helpful tips and information.  For the more experienced, consider the guidelines to be a refresher.