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CE Credit Opportunities 

At this year's conference, there will be 25 CE credits opportunities.  These will consist of the following:

  • Fifteen preconference workshops with 7 credits awarded for attending 2 half-day sessions
  • Four Friday Seminars with 3 credits awarded for attending one session (this year you may attend two for a total of 6 credits)
  • Master tutorials with credits awarded for attending one session
    • Session 21: Multilevel Modeling: Application to Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Designs (2 credits)
    • Session 43: Adverse Impact: A Review of Practical, Statistical, and Legal Issues  (2 credits)
    • Session 67: It's Your World: Building Realistic Simulations for Complex Jobs  (1.5 credits)
    • Session 89: Dynamic Research in I-O Psychology (2 credits)
    • Session 114: Update on Neural Networks in I-O Psychology  (1.5 credits)
    • Session 157: Update in Wage and Hour Litigation  (1.5 credits)
    • Session 202: Lights, Camera, Action: How To Develop A Video-Based Test  (2 credits)
    • Session 225: A Comparison of Fixed-, Random-, and Mixed-Effects Models in Meta-Analysis  (1.5 credits)
    • Session 249: Constructive Use of Comments in Organizational Surveys: A Targeted Tutorial (1.5 credits)
    • Session 268: How People Change: The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change  (1.5 credits) 

To get credit for attending the master tutorials, please go to the session and look for the sign where volunteers will help you sign in and out of the session and complete pre- and post-session questionnaires.  You must attend the entire session to receive credit.  CE letters, which serve as confirmation of the session, will be available for pickup at the main registration desk before the end of the conference or may be requested after the conference by contacting the SIOP Administrative Office. 

SIOP will also be holding a Theme Track on Saturday, April 12 (Preparing for the Future: A Critical and Constructive Look at I–O Education), which will allow you to receive seven CE credits. The Saturday track consists of six sessions; you must attend all six sessions on Saturday to receive the credits.

  • Session 208: Keynote Address:  Preparing for the Future: A Critical-and-Constructive Look at I-O Education
  • Session 217: A Special Debate on the State of I-O Training
  • Session 238: Meeting Stakeholder Needs: Views From Industry, Consulting, and Academia
  • Session 265: Innovations in I-O Teaching and Curricula
  • Session 277: Connecting Education to Practice
  • Session 292: The Future of I-O Education: Theme Track Integration and Open Forum


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