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Workshop 1 (half day)

Doing Competencies Well in Applied Settings

Presenters:      Michael A. Campion, Purdue University
                         Alexis A. Fink, Microsoft Corporation  
                         Brian J. Ruggeberg, Aon Talent Solutions Consulting
Coordinator:     Margaret G. Barton, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

This workshop is based on the 2006 SIOP Program Committee’s top-rated practice forum, “Doing Competencies Well.”  It is intended for practitioners who develop competency models and use them to design HR systems in organizations.

The purpose of the workshop is to present a set of best practices for competency modeling based on the experiences and lessons learned from all the major perspectives on this topic including major companies, major consulting firms, major universities, and the SIOP committee on competency modeling. 

From all these different perspectives and experiences, we delineate a set of best practices and then illustrate them with practical examples.  For each of the best practices, we explain the issue, make recommendations, and then provide illustrations from actual organizations.   

The workshop is designed to help participants develop best-practice competency modeling in their organizations by:

  • Collecting and analyzing job information
  • Organizing job information
  • Using job information to structure models

Michael A. Campion is a professor of management at Purdue University (for the last 20 years).  He previously worked 8 years at IBM and Weyerhaeuser Company.  He is among the 10 most published authors in the top journals in I-O for the last 2 decades.  He is past editor of Personnel Psychology and past president of the SIOP.  He manages a small consulting firm that has conducted over 300 projects for 90 organizations, including a large number of competency modeling projects for organizations as diverse as Honda of America and the U.S. Department of State.  He has also conducted over 35 job analysis projects and was heavily involved in the initial development of O*NET.  Finally, he has managed a small I-O recruiting firm for the last 10 years that has placed psychologists in over 50 organizations. 

Alexis A. Fink is Culture and Talent Enablement Group Manager at Microsoft Corporation.  In her role, she is responsible for the broad talent strategy at Microsoft, for the annual employee survey program and associated research projects, and for helping drive large-scale culture change for the company to help meet future business challenges.  Alexis’ work at Microsoft includes global responsibility for Microsoft’s competency models and the deep integration of competency models into HR systems.  Alexis has over a decade of experience in organizational change and research.

Brian J. Ruggeberg has nearly 20 years of experience in conducting job analyses and designing competency models for leading organizations.  He is currently senior vice president in Aon’s Talent Solutions Consulting group and serves as the Northeast area practice leader for Aon’s overall Human Capital practice.  During his 12 years with Aon, Brian has used a variety of competency modeling techniques to design models that have, in turn, served as the foundation for a myriad of other HR programs.  Brian will provide a somewhat unique perspective to the workshop by drawing on his external consulting background and work with a large number of organizations of different sizes, industries, and HR sophistication.  Brian received his PhD in I-O psychology from Old Dominion University.

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