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Workshop 14 (half day)

Executive Talent Management: Creating and Implementing Practices That Drive Business Results

Presenters:       Pradnya Parasher, Microsoft Corporation
                          Suzan L. McDaniel, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Coordinator:      Deborah L. Whetzel, U.S. Postal Service

In today’s global, dynamic business environment, carefully nurturing leaders who can navigate the company through the turbulence is a business imperative.  It is also critical to identify and develop the next generation of leaders to achieve their potential.  As I-O and HR professionals, we have approached this challenge through multiple avenues, including succession management, customized leadership development programs, action learning projects, assessment/development centers, coaching, and on-boarding.  Integration of all these approaches into a strategic initiative yields a high value to the organization.  In this workshop, we will provide a framework and some best practices that could assist practitioners in implementing such initiatives in a variety of organizations.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Understand the framework for integrated executive talent management
  • Recognize strategies that organizations can use to build integrated executive talent management practices
  • Compare best practices from two different companies with regard to how they deal with the challenge of executive talent management.

Pradnya Parasher is Talent Assessment Program manager at Microsoft, currently managing a world-wide program for assessment and development of senior talent at Microsoft.  Pradnya has a rich and diverse work experience, spanning the U.S. and India.  Prior to her current role, Pradnya was the director, People and Organization Capability, for Microsoft (India), where she was responsible for people and organization development for all Microsoft business groups in India.  Prior to her employment with Microsoft, Pradnya was the senior director of HR for eFunds International, leading the HR function for the country.  She was responsible for overall HR strategy, including staffing, compensation and benefits, and organization development.  Pradnya holds a master’s and PhD in I-O psychology from the University of South Florida.

Suzan McDaniel is executive director, Global Talent Management at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Company.  She works with the senior leadership to determine the talent needs of the company to execute the company strategy that includes a focus on executive talent in the areas of assessment, succession management, selection, development, coaching, integration, and engagement.  She is also responsible for designing core people processes at an enterprise level and workforce analytics.  Prior to her current role at BMS, Suzan was an HR business partner for a global research and development function of 1,600 employees worldwide, responsible for the human resources strategy and execution.   Prior to joining BMS in 2001, she was a consultant for 5 years at Hogan Assessment Systems and also worked at Ford Motor Company.  Suzan holds a master’s and PhD in I-O psychology from the University of Tulsa. 

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