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Workshop 4 (half day)

Closing the Business Acumen Gap: Moving From an HR Expert to an Influential Business Partner

Presenters:      Adam Ortiz, Executive Development Consulting
                         Jeffrey A. Smith, Barclays Global Investors
Coordinator:     Shane Douthitt, Morehead Associates

I-O practitioners often face the challenge of connecting their work to real business outcomes and garnering the attention of business executives. Although utility analysis, causal modeling, and other approaches have attempted to make this empirical connection, the real trick is to communicate to business professionals in terms they understand. This requires an understanding of how a particular business makes money, as well as a grasp of the key challenges/priorities the business is facing. This workshop will leverage the expertise of two I-O practitioners with broad consulting and industry experience. The workshop will include (a) practical approaches to connecting human resource practices to the bottom line and to meaningful business outcomes, (b) suggestions for branding oneself as a business partner, and (c) approaches to assessing client needs and delivering value against those needs. This workshop should be of interest to all practitioners, both internal and external to organizations.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Speak in a language that business professionals understand
  • Define business acumen, that is, understand how businesses make money
  • Create a personal brand that matters to businesses
  • Understand the perspective of a front-line manager and the implications of that perspective
  • Meet clients where they are, understanding needs and how to connect to those needs
  • Connect their work with critical business outcomes

Adam Ortiz is the founder of Executive Development Consulting. He provides executive assessment, coaching, and leadership development services aimed at creating sustainable improvements in individual and organizational performance. Adam brings a broad and pragmatic perspective to his client’s unique business needs and circumstances. This perspective has evolved over the last 20 years through working with leaders from around the world and across a wide range of Fortune 500 companies in industries such as financial services, technology, manufacturing, retail, and energy. Adam has held executive leadership positions at Time Warner and Bank of America. In these organizations, he was instrumental in the design and implementation of talent management and development solutions. In addition, he spent several years with the internationally recognized consulting firm Personnel Decisions International.  Adam began his career with the United States Air Force. Adam graduated with a degree in social psychology from Park College and received his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota.

Jeffrey Smith leads a global team that is responsible for all aspects of recruiting, leadership and management development, succession planning, and helping employees build critical skills (competency-based, technical, functional) from the time they join to throughout their career at Barclays Global Investors (BGI).  Prior to BGI, Jeff was the vice president, People Development, for Time Warner Corporate in New York.  Prior to assuming this role, he served as the AOL division’s director of organization development.  Before joining Time Warner, Jeff was a senior consultant at Personnel Decisions International, which specializes in executive assessment, leadership development, and executive coaching.  Jeff helped companies with people strategy, development of key executives, and succession planning.  He was an executive coach for senior leaders of Fortune 100 companies and worked closely with executive leadership teams to enhance their effectiveness.  He also played key roles in designing performance-management and other feedback tools, and talent-management systems.  Jeff was educated at the University of Connecticut (BS) and received a PhD in I-O psychology from Virginia Tech.  His work appears in many top-tier journals including Leadership Quarterly, and he has presented at conferences all over the world.

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