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Workshop 6 (half day)

Qualitative Research Methods

Presenter:      David Fetterman, Standford University
Coordinator:   Tom Giberson, Oakland University

This workshop provides an introduction to qualitative methodology, including concepts and techniques. Concepts include emic (or insider’s perspective of reality), nonjudgmental, culture/subculture, intra and inter-cultural diversity, symbolism, and a holistic perspective.  These concepts are used as a lens in which to observe and interpret behavior.  Methods and techniques include fieldwork participant observation, informal interviewing, triangulation, and unobtrusive measures.  The workshop will also highlight Web-based tools to conduct qualitative research, ranging from online surveys to free video conferencing on the Internet.  The workshop highlights applied work with concrete case examples.  It also highlights how qualitative methods are used to build institutional capacity and foster organizational learning.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Summarize core concepts of qualitative methodology.
  • Select appropriate qualitative methods and tools in applied and research settings.
  • Apply qualitative methods to applied and research questions.
  • Summarize the strengths and limitations of qualitative methods.

David M. Fetterman is the director of evaluation, Division of Evaluation in the School of Medicine at Stanford University.  He is also a collaborating professor, Colegio de Postgraduadors, Mexico and a distinguished visiting professor at San Jose State University.  For a decade he was a consulting professor of education and the director of the MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program in the School of Education at Stanford University. He was formerly professor and research director at the California Institute of Integral Studies, principal research scientist at the American Institutes for Research, and a senior associate and project director at RMC Research Corporation. He received his PhD from Stanford University in educational and medical anthropology. He has conducted fieldwork in both Israel (including living on a kibbutz) and the United States (primarily in inner cities across the country). David works in the fields of educational evaluation, ethnography, educational technology, policy analysis, and focuses on programs for dropouts and gifted and talented education.

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