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Workshop 8 (half day)

Global Knowledge and Skills for Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Presenters:       Keith James, Portland State University
                          Jose M Péiro, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
                          Mo Wang, Portland State University
Coordinator:      John Howes, NIKE

Over recent decades, national economies have become linked into a global economy, increasing numbers of businesses have become international, and the movement of workers across national boundaries has increased.  Those trends require that I-O psychology attend more systematically to the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for its practitioners to be effective in the increasingly globalized world of work.  This workshop will include (a) a consideration of major new issues for I-O that come with globalization; (b) analysis of the fit and misfit of current I-O psychology KSAO’s with global organizations and a global economy; (c) examination of new KSAO’s that I-O psychology education, application, and research need to address for global effectiveness; and (d) information and strategies for dealing with some major demands practitioners experience when working with organizations and workers across national boundaries.  This workshop should be of value to practitioners, educators, and researchers interested in adapting their own work, as well as the field as a whole, to the increasingly globalized context of the workplace.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Understand the global workforce trends and implications for I-O psychology;
  • Examine aspects of international (e.g., World Trade Organization) and comparative-national employment and corporate law;
  • Analyze cross-cultural influences on global organizational effectiveness and demonstrate some approaches to cross-cultural success;
  • Compare some current differences in the training and application of
     I-O psychology between Europe and the U.S.; and
  • Create a taxonomy of the major global KSAO’s for I-O psychologists.

Keith James received a PhD in social psychology and organizational behavior from the University of Arizona.  He has held faculty positions at Columbia University, Colorado State University, the University of Alaska, York University (Canada) and the University of Calgary (Canada).  He was an associate of the Taylor Cox & Associates consulting firm for several years, and has consulted with organizations in several nations.  Keith is now professor of psychology at Portland State University.  His work focuses on creativity and innovation in organizations, work influences on health, cultural and diversity influences on organizations, and Native American/Native Canadian community sustainability. James has served on fellowship, grant review, or program advisory panels for the Ford Foundation/National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the Social Science & Humanities Research Council (Canada).  He has been a Fulbright Fellow and a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, and is a Sequoah Fellow of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Jose M. Peiró received a PhD from the University of Valencia, where he is now professor of work and organizational psychology, as well as director of the five-university Erasmus Mundus Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology graduate program.  He has extensive experience with international education, research, and practice.  Dr. Péiro has participated in more than 15 international research projects on topics such as organizational climate and culture, organizational socialization, and cross-cultural work interactions. He has also consulted with organizations on topics such as training for new technology and work effects on the health of immigrant workers.  He is currently president of the Organizational Psychology Division of the International Association of Applied Psychology, and a member of the SIOP study abroad subcommittee.  He is past-president of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, and the former vice president of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology.  He is also a member of the European Union’s research program for the development of the European Diploma of Psychology and chair of an EU committee to develop an Advanced Diploma of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Mo Wang received a PhD in both I-O and developmental psychology from Bowling Green State University and is currently an assistant professor at Portland State University.  His research interests include expatriate management and global/cross-cultural HR practice, older worker employment and retirement, and advanced quantitative methodology in research and practice. Mo also does organizational health work, and helped found—and has helped lead membership recruitment for—the Society for Occupational Health Psychology. He has published in top-tier I-O and developmental psychology journals, such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Psychology and Aging, the Journal of Gerontology, Psychological Science, and Organizational Research Methods.  He has consulted with several Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., the People’s Republic of China, and other countries on cross-cultural HR practice.  He has also conducted I-O psychology-related workshops sponsored by both U.S. and Chinese governments. 

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