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Community of Interests Sessions 2009

Anthony J. Adorno
The DeGarmo Group, Inc.

This year we are excited to tell you about 12 Communities of Interest (COI) sessions that will be part of the SIOP conference program.  These are informal sessions designed to create new “communities” around common themes or interests.  The sessions do not have formal chairs, presenters, or discussants.  Instead, they are informally moderated by one or more facilitators.  As in past years, we invited some of the leading experts on these topics to serve as our facilitators.

Many of you may not know about the COI sessions, so let us briefly tell you what you might expect.  First, COI sessions do not have preestablished memberships (i.e., anyone may attend any COI session). This lack of membership was intentional because the purposes of the COI are to create new communities/networks of individuals around a particular topic and/or to strengthen existing networks through the inclusion of new members. Second, these are great sessions to attend if you would like to (a) meet potential collaborators, (b) generate new ideas, (c) have stimulating conversations, (d) meet some new friends with common interests, and (e) develop an informal network with other like-minded SIOP members. Finally, in the past these sessions have been large enough to stimulate a diversity of ideas but small enough to permit intimate conversations (N ~ 25).  We hope to continue this tradition at the upcoming conference and hope you find one or more of the following sessions interesting and can fit them into your busy SIOP schedule. 

Sessions will be held in Gallier AB.

List of COIs and facilitators for SIOP 2009. Check back for session numbers.

  • Session 6:  Executive coaching. Carol Timmreck & David B. Peterson  
  • Session 31: Corporate social responsibility. David A. Jones & Ruth Aguilera 
  • Session 51:  Women’s Leadership.  Anna Marie Valerio & Lilia Cortina
  • Session 73:  Work–family interface. Wendy Casper & Jeanette Cleveland
  • Session 112:  Evidence-based management. Debra Cohen 
  • Session 130:  Leadership talent management. Rob Silzer & Ben Dowell
  • Session 154:  Test development and validation. Richard Jeanneret & John Binning 
  • Session 178:  Occupational health in organizations. Richard Best 
  • Session 227:  Bridging the science–practice gap. Denise Rousseau & Gene Johnson 
  • Session 245:  Executive assessment. Bob Muschewske & Robert Hogan
  • Session 268:  Issues in multilevel research. L. A. Witt & Tom Fletcher 
  • Session 292:  P–E/P–O/P–J fit. Rob Tett & Jeff Edwards 

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