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Workshop 10 (half day)

Selection of First-Line Supervisors: What We Know

Presenter:  Nancy Tippins, Valtera Corporation
Coordinator:  Tim McGonigle, SRA International

First-line supervisors are critical to most organizations’ success. These key leaders guide the work of those employees who produce goods and services or directly support those who do.  This workshop will focus on the selection of first-line supervisors and address other processes closely related to acquiring competent first-line supervision:  recruiting, training and development, and performance management. The workshop will summarize the research literature and benchmarking data collected from U.S. companies regarding the core tasks and knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that are common across organizations and industries, the constructs that are typically measured, the kinds of selection tools that are used, the degree of prediction that is achieved, the ways in which the performance of first line supervisors can be assessed objectively and subjectively, external recruiting programs, internal promotional programs, and orientation and training and development programs. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of the future of first-line supervisors’ jobs and the implications for selection. 

The workshop is designed to help participants:
• Summarize the selection research on first-line supervisors including core tasks and knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics
• Describe common practices in the selection of first-line supervisors in the U.S.
• Summarize common practices regarding the recruitment of first-line supervisors, their training and development, and their performance management

Nancy T. Tippins has over 25 years of selection experience as an internal consultant in large companies (IBM, Exxon, Bell Atlantic, GTE) and as an external consultant.  She currently is the managing principal and senior vice president of Valtera Corporation.  She has worked extensively in the areas of testing and assessment for selection, certification, and development for a wide array of jobs including first-line supervisors.  Nancy has been active in SIOP where she held a number of offices including president.  Nancy is a Fellow of SIOP, the American Psychological Association, and the Association for Psychological Science, and received her PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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