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Workshop 12 (half day)

Evidence-Based Approaches to Training Teams

Presenters: David P. Baker, Carilion Clinic & American Institutes
       for Research
  Eduardo Salas, University of Central Florida
  Rebecca Beard, The Group for Organizational
       Effectiveness, Inc.
Coordinator: Dwayne Norris, American Institutes for Research

Teams are a critical component of most if not all organizations.  In industries such as health care, aviation, public safety, and nuclear power, teamwork has been cited as the key to safety and high reliability performance.  For close to 20 years, teams and their training has been a central focus of industrial psychologists.  This workshop will present participants with evidence-based approaches to the design, development, and implementation of successful team training programs.  The workshop will cover (a) current theories of teamwork, (b) recent evidence for the efficacy of team training, including the results of several recent meta-analyses on team training strategies and the approaches that work, (c) examples and applications of team training, (d) critical factors for making team training programs successful, and (e) future needs in which I-O psychology can contribute to the research base and development of team training.

This workshop is designed to help participants:
• Summarize the current research and best practices in team training
• Evaluate factors associated with success in training teams for maximum performance
• Design and evaluate effective team training programs
• Apply effective strategies to overcome barriers to implementing team training programs

David P. Baker has over 15 years experience transitioning evidence-based practices to enhance team performance in aviation, the military, and health care. David currently serves as director of the Health Services Research Institute at the Carilion Clinic and holds a joint appointment as a principal research scientist at the American Institutes for Research.  Most notably, David and his team developed TeamSTEPPS™.  TeamSTEPPS™ was released by the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality as public domain curriculum and the national standard for team training in health care.   In 2007, he and his team were awarded the M. Scott Meyers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace by SIOP for TeamSTEPPS™.  David has published and/or presented over 75 papers on his work.  He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and serves on the editorial board of Human Factors.  David received his PhD in I-O psychology from the University of South Florida in 1991.

Eduardo Salas has 25 years experience helping organizations to foster teamwork, design and implement team training strategies, facilitate training effectiveness, manage decision making under stress, develop performance measurement tools, and design learning environments.  Currently, he is trustee chair and professor of psychology at the University of Central Florida. He also holds an appointment as program director for Human Systems Integration Research Department at the Institute for Simulation & Training.  Eduardo has coauthored over 300 journal articles and book chapters and has co-edited 15 books.  He is on/has been on the editorial boards of Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Military Psychology, Interamerican Journal of Psychology, Applied Psychology: An International Journal, International Journal of Aviation Psychology, Group Dynamics, and Journal of Organizational Behavior and is past editor of Human Factors journal.  He is also very active with SIOP. He is the past series editor for the Professional Practice Book Series and has served in numerous committees throughout the years. Eduardo is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (SIOP and Division 21) and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.  He received his PhD (1984) in I-O psychology from Old Dominion University.

Rebecca Beard has over 20 years of experience consulting with many organizations including Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits, and the military. She has worked with a wide array of teams, including for example, teams as diverse as offshore drilling teams, teams of smoke jumpers, medical teams, executive teams, teams of military aviators, and investment research teams. Becky has conducted and managed team development efforts from early diagnosis and needs analysis, through design, delivery, and evaluation. She has a record of translating and applying team research into her practice with teams. Becky is the executive vice president of The Group for Organizational Effectiveness, Inc., an Albany, NY-based consulting and research firm. She received her MS in psychology from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia in 1982.  Becky was part of the team that won SIOP’s 2007 M. Scott Meyers Award for applied research.


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