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Workshop 15 (half day)

The Psychology of Executive Coaching: Best Practices in Accelerating Learning

Presenter: David B. Peterson, Personnel Decisions International
Coordinator: Kate Zimberg, Microsoft

The field of executive coaching has matured, but the practice is still characterized by a multiplicity of styles and approaches, a lack of grounding in psychological science, and little understanding of what differentiates the basic techniques of “good” coaching from the more sophisticated techniques of state-of-the-art coaching. This workshop draws on research in learning and development from a range of disciplines to identify key principles and techniques that can be used to accelerate the learning process in coaching.  During the workshop, David will highlight implications for the field of I-O by examining potential advantages and challenges for I-O psychologists who work as coaches, and suggest specific steps they can take to capitalize on their strengths and enhance their overall effectiveness.

The workshop examines practice and research in three core areas and outlines specific steps coaches can take to maximize their role in facilitating learning through the coaching relationship, the necessary and sufficient conditions for development, and the social dynamics and the organizational context in which the person works.
Although the workshop has potential value to anyone interested in executive coaching and leadership development, it is designed to be most useful to experienced coaches.

The workshop is designed to help participants:
• Foster a more reflective approach to their coaching practice and their own learning process
• Explain 10 key learning principles and specific techniques coaches can leverage to accelerate learning
• Develop a more effective and more efficient approach to coaching

David B. Peterson, leader of executive coaching services at PDI, has been passionate about understanding and applying the best principles of learning and development for over 20 years, as an executive coach, as a trainer of other coaches, and in his own development. A pioneer and thought leader in the field of executive coaching, David has written many articles and best-selling books on coaching, leadership development, and executive effectiveness, and has been a highly rated workshop presenter at SIOP for 15 years. Based in San Francisco, he provides coaching to CEOs and other top executives in companies such as Target, Hewlett-Packard, Genentech, Shell, and Microsoft, as well as consulting to organizations to help them design state-of-the-art coaching programs. His PhD in I-O and counseling psychology is from the University of Minnesota.

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