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Workshop 3 (half day)

Development in Place: Leveraging the Other 90% of Your Organization’s Talent

Presenters: Cindy McCauley, Center for Creative Leadership
  Paul R. Yost, Seattle Pacific University
Coordinator: Wanda Campbell, Edison Electric Institute

Succession and talent management systems today are often based on the assumption that there are only a limited number of developmental assignments in the organization and that these assignments should be reserved for the “high-potential” leaders and employees in the organization. But high potentials alone cannot determine the organization’s ultimate success. That will depend on the other 90% of an organization’s workforce.   Most jobs offer powerful development opportunities that are simply overlooked. Thus, the challenge is to equip employees with the knowledge, mindsets, and motivation to seek out, craft, and learn from developmental opportunities.
This workshop will provide frameworks, tactics, and tools for enhancing development in place. We will examine what individuals can do to develop themselves, what managers can do to develop their teams, and what organizations can do to build talent management systems that help all employees maximize development in place.

The workshop is designed to help participants:
• Shape their current job and nonwork pursuits to grow their own potential
• Equip managers to make better use of job experiences in the development of their teams  
• Apply strategies and processes that promote organization-wide on-the-job development
• Utilize several practical tools to help employees, managers, and organizations build development into jobs and capture the lessons of experience

Cindy McCauley is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Cindy has been involved in many aspects of CCL’s work: research, product development, program evaluation, coaching, and management. She co-developed two of CCL’s management feedback instruments, Benchmarks and the Job Challenge Profile, and is co-editor of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development.  Cindy has written numerous articles and book chapters on leadership development for scholars, HR professionals, and practicing managers, including her latest publication, Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences Without Changing Jobs. She received her PhD in I-O psychology from the University of Georgia.

Paul Yost is associate professor of I-O psychology at Seattle Pacific University. He recently served as a senior research specialist at Microsoft with responsibilities in leadership talent management and executive assessment. Before this, Paul was with The Boeing Company where his work focused on leadership development, learning from experience, leadership program design and evaluation, and employee surveys. Previous experience included positions at GEICO Insurance and Battelle Research with responsibilities in managerial training, assessment and selection, and team development. Paul’s ongoing research and writing focuses on experience-based leadership development including the upcoming book Real Time Leadership Development, a guide for leaders and HR professionals to strategically build on-the-job development into their organizations. Paul received his PhD in I-O psychology from the University of Maryland.


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