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Workshop 4 (half day)

The Future of HR Metrics: It’s a Brave New World

Presenters: Jay Jamrog,  Senior VP of Research, i4cp, Inc.
  Mary Ann Downey, Talent Pillar Director, i4cp, Inc.
Coordinator: Linda Carr, Sun Microsystems

Traditional HR metrics do not help managers understand which HR issues are the strategic ones and which are mostly tactical.  Even in the best companies, those that are investing heavily in the latest HR measurement techniques—HR scorecards, HR financial reports, ROI on HR programs, and studies of how HR programs enhance attitudes, skills, and abilities—seldom use their metrics to influence key business decisions, such as acquisitions or organization design at a macrolevel or performance management and employee development at a microlevel.

In this workshop, you will understand the evolution of HR practices and the related metrics, a framework to think about HR metrics and review practical examples.  You will learn about barriers and challenges to effective HR metrics and potential solutions to consider, including hands-on examples.

This workshop is intended for professionals who are working with organizations that want to improve their use of HR metrics and/or professionals who are interested in how HR metrics can be utilized for decision making and creating a competitive advantage.

This workshop is designed to help participants:
• Describe types and uses of HR metrics
• Explain and discuss HR metric challenges
• Analyze workforce planning results
• Apply HR metrics to a succession planning/development scenario

Jay Jamrog is a futurist. As the senior vice president of research at i4cp, he has devoted the past 25 years to identifying and analyzing the major issues and trends affecting the management of people in organizations. Currently, Jay and his staff of over 20 analysts are following approximately 150 demographic, social, economic, technological, political, legal, and management trends, and there are over 100 major corporations supporting this research with annual grants. Over the years, he has helped some of the most innovative organizations gain a deeper understanding of the world’s changing business environment and has helped them think strategically about today’s actions and tomorrow’s plans. Jay has confidential access to some of the most progressive organizations, and he’s currently an active advisor to more than a dozen leading corporations.  In addition, Jay conducts over 50 seminars annually for major corporations on subjects related to the changing nature of the workplace and workforce. Jay is associate editor for Human Resources Planning Journal, has had articles published in major business magazines, and is frequently quoted in business publications and newspapers.  In addition, he often collaborates with, and speaks before, other organizations and associations (e.g., HRPS, SHRM, The Mayflower Group, ASTD, ABA, AGA, NEDA) on major research topics related to the future of people management. Prior to joining HRI in 1982, Jay held numerous management positions, including vice president of purchasing for Webb Co., a large import/ export wholesaler.  He has an MBA and taught labor relations in the School of Management at the University of Massachusetts and is a Distinguished Lecturer at The University of Tampa. Jay also spent 5 years living in the Far East, has a black belt, and reads history for pleasure.

Mary Ann Downey heads the talent practice for the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), the world’s largest private network of companies focused on improving and enhancing workforce productivity. She has a practitioner background working in multiple functions for large global organizations such as Caterpillar, Inc. (Peoria, IL), General Motors (Detroit, MI), and ING (Atlanta, GA). Ms. Downey has led enterprise-wide initiatives on aligning policy and practices after an acquisition, has worked on HR compliance issues (including affirmative action planning), has created an online human capital management (HCM) metrics tool and scorecards, has built workforce planning capability, and has been involved in various other special projects. She has been invited to present at many professional organizations and conferences, including Catalyst’s 2008 Awards Conference, Human Resources Planning Society (HRPS), International Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM), HR.com, and others. Ms. Downey is a licensed attorney (IL). She received her juris doctorate (JD) from Saint Louis University.  She also holds a master’s degree in human resources and industrial relations (MHRIR) from the University of Illinois-Champaign and a BS from Illinois State University.  She is currently based in Atlanta, GA.


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